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An Afternoon with Maria!

Max joined us as we visited the farm of Maria. Maria is a charming young woman that I met at the seasons first craft market. We had so many things in common that we chatted as if we were long lost sisters or friends. This is not something that happens everyday, so when life brings you a special friend like Maria, you recognize it and enjoy the experience.

We had such a joyful  time at her farm viewing and getting to know her many animals. She has beautiful Swedish goats that at this moment have the cutest little curly white babies. She breeds and sells some of Sweden’s endangered species of chickens, ducks and rabbits. She also breeds turkeys and has the most beautiful, colorful and majestic male turkey named King.

We had a lovely time chatting over cup of coffee, tea and a Finnish cake that she baked for our arrival to her farm. It was a delightful visit. We will be back often as we enjoy each other’s company and animals. Maria has seen much of Gullringstorp on my blog and Facebook but has not yet visited us. She will us very visit soon.

Of all her animals, the ones of most interest to me above all the others, were her beautiful rescue greyhounds. We are planning to adopt a rescue greyhound from Ireland and meeting Maria was just such a wonderful ting to have happen. Her dogs have come from a wonderful rescue center in Ireland and I will use the same company when we are ready to adopt.

We spent a splendid day with Maria and her animals. It was a great opportunity for myself to enjoy and  become reacquainted with  greyhounds and for my husband to meet them for the first time and understand the yearning I have had to adopt one. It was very important to see if our little dog Max could be around these large animals. He was just fine! They enjoyed them and he enjoyed them. No we know that ill not be an issue. We must make sure that the one that we adopt  is ok with small dogs and cats. Maria’s dogs love her small Jack Russell terrier and are just fine with her two cats. With our small Brussels Griffon and 4 indoor cats, we will have to wait to find a greyhound that has been seen to be well with both for our home.

We spent such a lovley time at Maria’s farm and are very much looking forward to returning.












































An Announcement From Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap for 2014



We at Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap have an announcement for 2014:

We are introducing a Mobile website for Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap.

At the present time we are unable to access our website via your smart phones. This is because my website is built on an Adobe Flash platform which is not supported by most smart phones.

Once you have searched for Lil Sis Goat Milk Soap through your search engine on your smart phone, just click on any of my website listings.

You will be automatically, directed  to our Mobile site.

Once you arrive to our new Mobile site, you will be able to see much of the website but not all. If you are curious to see everything offered or would like to place an order, please go to our website via your computer.

I hope you enjoy our new Mobile site and look forward to your thoughts and suggestions.

Sweden’s Royal Wedding of Princess Madeleine

While  I was attending an event in Österbymo,  displaying my company Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap,  there was a very different event happening yesterday,  in Stockholm. Our Princess Madeline was having a Royal Swedish wedding to her beloved Christopher O’Neil. Another beautiful  fairy-tale wedding in Sweden.




Congratulations Princess Madeleine !

Euro Vision Song Contest 2013 Malmö Sweden

Last evening was an evening when most, if not all of Europe was glued to their TV. It was the final of  the Euro Vision Song Contest and as a Swede , I can say that we were happy to be the host country this year. I want to share some of the music, my particular favorites , but first for those not familiar with this event, I have added a detailed description.

This is a complete description Euro Vision Contest courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Eurovision Song Contest (FrenchConcours Eurovision de la Chanson)[1] is an annual singing competition held among many of the active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Each member country submits a song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries’ songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The contest has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 1956 and is one of the longest-running television programmes in the world. It is also one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world,[2]with audience figures having been quoted in recent years as anything between 100 million and 600 million internationally.[3][4] Eurovision has also been broadcast outside Europe to such places as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, Uruguay and Venezuela despite the fact that they do not compete.[5][6][7] Since 2000, the contest has also been broadcast over the Internet,[8] with more than 74,000 people in almost 140 countries having watched the 2006 edition online.[9]

In the 1950s, as a war-torn Europe rebuilt itself, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)—based in Switzerland—set up an ad-hoccommittee to search for ways of bringing together the countries of the EBU around a “light entertainment programme”.[12] At a committee meeting held in Monaco in January 1955, director general of Swiss television and committee chairman Marcel Bezençon conceived the idea of an international song contest where countries would participate in one television programme, to be transmitted simultaneously to all countries of the union.[12][13] The competition was based upon the existing Sanremo Music Festival held in Italy,[14] and was also seen as a technological experiment in live television: as in those days, it was a very ambitious project to join many countries together in a wide-area international network. Satellite television did not exist, and the so-called Eurovision Network comprised a terrestrial microwave network.[15]The concept, then known as “Eurovision Grand Prix”, was approved by the EBU General Assembly in a meeting held in Rome on 19 October 1955 and it was decided that the first contest would take place in spring 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland.[12] The name “Eurovision” was first used in relation to the EBU’s network by British journalist George Campey in the London Evening Standard in 1951.[13]


The first contest was held in the town of LuganoSwitzerland, on 24 May 1956. Seven countries participated—each submitting two songs, for a total of 14. This was the only contest in which more than one song per country was performed: since 1957 all contests have allowed one entry per country. The 1956 Contest was won by the host nation, Switzerland.[16]

The programme was first known as the “Eurovision Grand Prix”. This “Grand Prix” name was adopted by DenmarkNorway and theFrancophone countries, with the French designation being “Le Grand-Prix Eurovision de la Chanson Européenne“.[17] The “Grand Prix” has since been dropped and replaced with “Concours” (contest) in French, but not in Danish or Norwegian. The Eurovision Network is used to carry many news and sports programmes internationally, among other specialised events organised by the EBU.[18] However, in the minds of the public, the name “Eurovision” is most closely associated with the song contest.[15]

Now, here are  all the songs that were heard last evening:


Here is a cute skit about Swedes:


Sweden’s contribution to the Song contest 2013:


Here are my 3 favorites:


And finally, the Winner of Euro Vision 2013

Spring Weekend at Gullringstorp May 4 & 5

This is a typical Spring  weekend here at Gullringstorp. We have the goats and chickens to care for and  the property. There are the usual chores on a farm property. Things need mending, fixing and just plain tending to.

The cats and fish that are in the house get fed first thing. Then off to the stable with my bucket of chopped veggies and fruit and molasses water for the mothers. Max always joins me and Leif follows later. I make a quick check on the new mothers and their new babies and when all is fine, I say hello to all the others on the other side of the stable. Max and I fill a wheelbarrow full with hay to take out to prepare the enclosure for everyone who goes out. The boys were so happy to go out as were the other ladies and girls.

We have with the help of Leif and my daughter, finally got names for all the new babies, even the little boy who will be sold.

Iris’ daughter is Blossom and her son who will be sold to a good home is Florian

Pansy’s daughter is Lilly

Poppy’s son is Huckleberry

Pumpkin’s daughters are, Willow and Violet

Peanut is still a mystery, no babies and no heats for the past 5 months! Hummmmmm

Once everyone is out and happy, I returned to the stable to tend to the new mommies and babies.

Iris and her babies :


A fun place to snuggle


Blossom and Florian rest with mommy not too far away

Pansy and Lilly:


Pansy never lets Lilly out of her sight


Pansy's food station: grain, treats and molasses water

Pansy’s food station: grain, treats and molasses water

Pumpkin and her daughters, Willow and Violet :


Pumpkin is our wild child goat, but oh what a mommy she is !


Time for a snack


What a cute little bottom !


Willow, with the white front paw like mommy is the little baby that required a splint on her leg. she is fine and her foot is as it should be


This is little Willow who had the splint on her leg. She is doing just fine

Willow and Violet are so cute




Pumpkin is always talking to her daughters


Even when she is eating


This baby wants to try mommy's food

This baby wants to try mommy’s food

Willow wants to see what its all about also

Willow wants to see what’s in the container also


Mommy gets a kiss from Willow

After I take care of Iris and her children, I work on the other 3 families, starting with Pansy.  Then I took care of the box of Poppy and her baby boy. I took all that was needed into Poppy’s box to be able to take care of both boxes. It’s just easier for me.

Poppy wants to see what I am doing in Pumpkin's box

Poppy wants to see what I’m doing in Pumpkin’s box

Poppy's son decides to see what's in all those baskets

Poppy’s son Huckleberry decides to see what’s in all those baskets


What a cutie!


Huckleberry tries to get into the grain bucket


Poppy checks on me in Pumpkin’s box

Huckleberry is curious about that bucket

Huckleberry is determined to jump in t he grain bucket

Mother and son

Mother and son

After the mothers and babies have been taken care of, I went to check on the other goats in the enclosure. They had run themselves out and all resting:

My little bucks relax in the Springtime sun

My bucks Toby, Baby Boy(Bear), Little Man in the back and Pip relax in the Springtime sun

Little Surpise and Nanna found a nice place to rest

Little Surprise and Nanna found a nice place to rest

Petunia found a nice place in the sun

Petunia found a nice place in the sun

I was a bit worried about some of the ladies out in the enclosure:

Petunia, Surprise and Ivy have never been separated from Iris. They are doing fine as long as they can hold conversations with her from the stable.

Rose is such a mamma’s baby that she never likes to be without Pumpkin. She is doing better than I though, finding a little group to attach herself to in the enclosure. She will stand and eat hay with Peanut and her mother Hilda.

Leif has been busy with our firewood supply. this weekend he has been cleaving the logs he cut earlier. I think I posted earlier that he was cleaving the wood, mistake, he was chopping.This weekend he cleaved the logs with his new machine:

He has a neat old tool that helps lift the logs

He has a neat old tool that helps lift the heavy logs





Once the log was cleaved in half it was cleaved again  into smaller logs to fit into our burner in the basement

Leif was smart and set up the cleaving machine right in front of the outdoor wood storage. After the log has been cleaved, he can just toss it in the storage

Leif was smart and set up the cleaving machine right in front of the outdoor wood storage. After the log has been cleaved, he can just toss it in the storage

Looking at all those beautiful logs, I got an idea; why not bring ion some logs for the babies to play on. Poor Leif, I never run out of ideas and ways for him to help. But he was kind and asked me to pick out the logs I wanted from the big pile. When I found the 3 perfect ones he brought them into the stable and placed them where they belonged. He thought he should cleave them in half so they would have a flat bottom to sit stable in the boxes. When I said no , they are fine as they are he was not so sure. I was.

Here are my 3 beautiful logs

Here are my 3 beautiful logs

Here is the log for little Lilly

Here is the log for little Lilly

Pansy was so nice, she thanked us for her log which she nibbled the bark off

Pansy was so nice, she thanked us for her log which she nibbled the bark off

Poppy and her son huckleberry check out their new log

Poppy and her son huckleberry check out their new log

Look at that baby!! I could just eat  him up!!

Look at that baby!! I could just eat him up!!

Pansy says thank you also

Pansy says thank you also

Leif had concerns about these logs, he didn’t think they would be appreciated. Well,  just look at Huckleberry:

I hope you had sunshine for this this Spring weekend and you were able to be out enjoying it!

US Northeast Snow Storm vs Swedish Winter

We are  keeping everyone in the Northeast in our thoughts today as you endure this winter storm. We hope everyone stays safe and warm.

We here at Gullringstorp are in the midst of winter, once again. Here in Sweden, we are used to the snow. We have the infrastructure to handle great amounts of snow. Our plows are always at the ready and everyone is prepared with a variety of shovels and warm gloves etc. Even our airports function well during winter storms. Nothing stops in Sweden.

All of us who live in the countryside with animals,  learn how to survive the winter and care for our animals. We know how to keep hens warm and water from freezing and keep animals comfortable.

This morning as it snowed I went for a walk with my naughty but sweet Nanna out for a walk . She hesitated at first then she really seemed to enjoy it as she walked me.

Nanna takes me into the goat enclosure

Nanna takes me into the goat enclosure



In she goes

Nanna is so curious to see what happened to her enclosure



My husband was out shoveling when he made a discovery and came in to get me. I grabbed my camera and in the hedge we found something beautiful:

Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

Look at that sweet little head

Look at that sweet little head


He was so still but every now and again , his ears flicked

He was so still but every now and again , his ears flicked

So beautiful...

So beautiful…

Please stay safe in the storm.






Updates From Gullringstorp

Global Warming at Gullringstorp :

We have been experiencing Global Warming effects right here at Gullringstorp. After our period of melted snow and then no snow at all, we got a light dusting of snow that reminded me of powdered sugar. It was really pretty for one day and then it all melted. Our temperatures have been so unstable. With the warmer temperatures, not only did all the dusting melt, but flies woke up and dizzily flew into walls.

We had rivers of water all over Gullringstorp

We had puddles and  rivers of water all over Gullringstorp

Obe day later we have been having snow all day

One day later we have been having snow all day

These photos were taken this morning on the way to the stabel. We have had snow and much more, all day long

These photos were taken this morning on the way to the stabel. We have had snow and much more, all day long




How are Phillip and Winston doing in the boys’ box?

Phillip enjoying some hay from his safe spot

Phillip enjoying some hay from his safe spot

Phillip enjoying some hay from his safe spot

Phillip enjoying some hay from his safe spot

Winston has found a way to enjoy hay also

Winston has found a way to enjoy hay also

Winston thinks the hay is yummy !

Winston thinks the hay is yummy !

Åhillip likes to keep an eye out on the activities in the corridore

Phillip likes to keep an eye out on the activities in the corridor

Phillip and Winston are doing really well in their new home. No more crying for mommy and they have learned which bucks to avoid and where to be able to enjoy the hay in peace. Even though they are doing so well, I do let them out twice a day while I tend to all the boxes. They get a chance to have their tiny bit of grain until they are weaned of it and a chance to play and wrestle with each other.




The first stable repairs and improvements in 2013:

My tiniest goats, our Pygmies, live in the front box. As we have learned, Pygmy goats love to be up high. Leif put a lid on the hay rack and the girls can climb on top. No problem there, but someone decided to eat the wall and soon they were to the insulation. I said , ok time for some stronger coverage. So up went the metal plate for protection.

My tiniest goats, our Pygmies, live in the front box. As we have learned, Pygmy goats love to be up high. Leif put a lid on the hay rack and the girls can climb on top. No problem there, but someone decided to eat the wall and soon they were to the insulation. I said , ok,  time for some stronger coverage. So up went the metal plate for protection. 


This is Ivy who is our tiniest adult Pygmy goat. She spends a lot of time up there now that her daughter Surprise is more independent. That’s Petunia standing below.

Anyone who has goats knows the challenges of keeping hay in the hay rack. There are always problems with waste. Well we are no different here at Gullringstorp. We were loosing hay left and right, especially through the hay racks that were made for horses. Leif has made racks for the girls and placed hay bags up in many of the boxes. this box, however was our biggest problem. Every modification Leif made was destroyed by the boy’s horns. Finally we took it to our neighbor Bosse, for welding. The bars going horizontally help hold the hay bales in and provides a good place for horn scratching.

Boy's hay rack

Boy’s improved hay rack

Toby, Nanna's little boy, really enjoys the new impoved hay rack for his horns

Toby, Nanna’s little boy, really enjoys the new improved hay rack for his horns. Balder is standing nearby on the tabletop.


Welcome back for more updates  from Gullringstorp.






Something Else That Makes This Country Gal Smile, And Smile Big !!!!

In the beginning , even before we started milking our goats, I made the decision to get a hand milker. It was a product that would help older hands and would solve the problem of tiny teats of our littlest goats. No one told me that your hands would survive the pumping, but your arm would soon just drop off! My husband and I have what feels like arthritis symptoms in our hands, so hand milking these ladies was not really an option. We decided it was time to make a change and make the investment in a real milking machine. We made a long drive further down south to visit the couple selling the new milking machine. It was a lovely drive with spectacular woods covered in beautiful snow (snö in Swedish)

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

photo 6

I really had fun taking those photos with my iPhone, from the comfort and warmth of my passenger seat in my little car.

When we arrived we met the goats and the new prized cow. Man of the house did not like goat cheese , so no more milking the goats, great for us! A cow was purchased for her milk instead. I apologize for the quality of the photos taken in a very dark barn area with my iPhone and not my camera.

They had an old Swedish breed, Väneko. This cow known as Väneko is a rare breed brought back from the brink of extinction. This breed named after a village (Väne-Ryr) in the province Västergötland. They are found in the region near one of the largest lakes in the South West, Lake Väne. Väne cattle are remnant of the old South Swedish peasant breed and often also called Allmogeko. The breed was discovered in beginning of the 1990s.

Isn't she pretty?

Isn’t she pretty?

Look at those horns. She's really a small cow in compared to other breeds

Look at those horns. She’s really a small cow in compared to other breeds

She is really pretty with her markings, kind of like an appaloosa pony

She is really pretty with her markings, kind of like an Appaloosa pony

Ok yes it’s true I love,  love, love  animals , hence all the cow photos, but here  is my real true love:

Now this is the real beauty!! Isn't my new Schlauerbauer Milking Machine fro, Germany something?

Now this is the real beauty!! Isn’t my new Schlauerbauer Milking Machine from, Germany something?

I just can’t stop smiling….

Breath Right During Cold Winter Temperatures

After nearly 2 weeks in bed with a horrific  case of Sinusitis, I went to the Internet to look up ways to protect my nose. I go out to the stable with a scarf wrapped around my face looking like I could rob a bank.

When I am out on the town during winter months I cleverly wrap my wool shawl around my face  to be able to breathe in warmer air. Since I have been blessed  with both asthma an Sinusitis, it’s important not to breath cold, dry air directly in my nose. Believe me, it sounds easy, “inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose”, it’s not. It’s a bit like hopping on one foot while twirling a hula hoop or blowing bubbles all at the same time. You start out fine then all of a sudden you are inhaling through your  nose!

After hours on the Internet we finally found a site to be able to purchase this item in Sweden and not have to import it.

This item is called Airtrim Cold Weather Heat Exchange Mask

AirTrim masks are designed to help people breathe easier in cold and/or dry conditions — this includes exercise induced asthma in these conditions. This light-weight mask has a filter that absorbs some of the heat and moisture from your own breath to re-heat and re-moisturize the air when you inhale. This helps keep you warmer and makes breathing easier. Often called a cold weather mask or heat exchange mask.

Invented in Sweden for skiers, runners, cyclists and others involved in cold and/or dry outdoor conditions. Athletes with cold, exercise induced asthma will find this mask helpful in training and racing.  AirTrim is an Offical Supplier to the Swedish Ski Team to help them train in the cold. There are many athletes in Canada who have started using AirTrim so they can continue training in cold and dry conditions. Mountain climbers have used the AirTrim mask too.

This mask can help you if you :


  • exercise in cold weather
  • work outside in cold weather
  • work in the refrigeration industry
  • are sensitive to cold and/or dry air
  • active in a dry to extremely dry environments
  • climb at altitude
  • have cold weather asthma
  • have exercise asthma

Here is my AirTrim mask with a special Asthma filter and an extra filter and a cute little tote that arrived in the post this morning:





Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap

Hej from Gullringstorp!

My lovely goats have provided me with plenty of fresh goat milk. In fact, so much milk that I was able to launch my business making

100 % Natural Goat Milk Soap. Thank you to all my beautiful ladies for their wonderful milk.

I am pleased to announce that Li’l Sis has gone into her very first shop, here in Sweden!






Welcome to my website :