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Updates From the Nursery at Gullringstorp With Just a bit of Drama

Frida is doing well and so are her little doelings, Poppy and Pansy. They are very active and happy.

They celebrate one month of life today!

Frida with Poppy and Pansy

Frida with Poppy and Pansy

Hilda is doing much better with her two little ones, Peanut and Little Man.

Hilda with her little ones, Peanut and Little Man

Hilda with Peanut and Little Man

Pumpkin is a very vocal and attentive mother. We have been keeping our eye on little Miracle. There is where the drama is. There was a close call on the evening he was born. He was very weak and slow coming out of his amniotic sac and very slow to respond to stimulus. It was touch and go through the night but with a bit of luck he was still with us the next morning. Little Miracle was born in the evening on August 22, and has been nursing just fine and moving around the box with his sister like a baby goat should. today our little boy is showing signs of difficulty breathing. At first I thought it was too warm in the stable so I took the entire little new family out to the “baby play yard”. I sat and watched him and something is not right with him. he just seems to stand and is breathing at a very rapid pace. This tells me there is something wrong with either his heart or his lungs. My gut feeling is it’s his heart.

Miracle with Mom Pumpkin

Miracle with Mom Pumpkin

He has an appointment with the vet tomorrow at 2 :30 and we trust that he will be soon sorted out .

I have heard so many sad stories of baby goats not living longer than one day, or really difficult deliveries with bad consequences for either mother or baby.  We had 6 baby goats born at Gullringstorp in the same month. Out of 6 babies, we have only one baby with difficulties. Most would say, we were fortunate, but I say that’s one too many.

So tonight will not be a restful one for us.