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Breath Right During Cold Winter Temperatures

After nearly 2 weeks in bed with a horrific  case of Sinusitis, I went to the Internet to look up ways to protect my nose. I go out to the stable with a scarf wrapped around my face looking like I could rob a bank.

When I am out on the town during winter months I cleverly wrap my wool shawl around my face  to be able to breathe in warmer air. Since I have been blessed  with both asthma an Sinusitis, it’s important not to breath cold, dry air directly in my nose. Believe me, it sounds easy, “inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose”, it’s not. It’s a bit like hopping on one foot while twirling a hula hoop or blowing bubbles all at the same time. You start out fine then all of a sudden you are inhaling through your  nose!

After hours on the Internet we finally found a site to be able to purchase this item in Sweden and not have to import it.

This item is called Airtrim Cold Weather Heat Exchange Mask

AirTrim masks are designed to help people breathe easier in cold and/or dry conditions — this includes exercise induced asthma in these conditions. This light-weight mask has a filter that absorbs some of the heat and moisture from your own breath to re-heat and re-moisturize the air when you inhale. This helps keep you warmer and makes breathing easier. Often called a cold weather mask or heat exchange mask.

Invented in Sweden for skiers, runners, cyclists and others involved in cold and/or dry outdoor conditions. Athletes with cold, exercise induced asthma will find this mask helpful in training and racing.  AirTrim is an Offical Supplier to the Swedish Ski Team to help them train in the cold. There are many athletes in Canada who have started using AirTrim so they can continue training in cold and dry conditions. Mountain climbers have used the AirTrim mask too.

This mask can help you if you :


  • exercise in cold weather
  • work outside in cold weather
  • work in the refrigeration industry
  • are sensitive to cold and/or dry air
  • active in a dry to extremely dry environments
  • climb at altitude
  • have cold weather asthma
  • have exercise asthma

Here is my AirTrim mask with a special Asthma filter and an extra filter and a cute little tote that arrived in the post this morning: