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We May Have a Buyer for Florian …



Exactly the day after my last post, we got a call on the ad we placed for Florian. Oh dear, time to shift gears. We were already in the midst of integrating him with our other bucks , slowly. We were giving Iris a chance to become accustomed to the idea that her little baby was growing up and away.  Since we had no potential buyers for him, this was the route we had chosen.

Our potential buyer has horses, apparently, lots of them. But NO goats.  My husband has been in communication with the young lady and somehow forgot to ask if there were other goats or if there ever were other goats.  His answer to me was that they had horses and they planed to castrate him.

Concerns on two levels:

1. That my husband didn’t think to ask such an important question

2. Oh dear, no other goats! Goats are herd animals and need other goats, or at least one other. Even bucks need goat companionship. It’s important.

Now I understand that this young lady would consider getting a second. It’s not really a consideration, it will be a must. I am a bit worried because I don’t want him bought as a folly and then end up somewhere not wanted or just neglected when the time needed to tend to a goat is realised. Sort like the Easter bunny thing,;  so many cute baby bunnies are bought at Easter time then as they grow, eat and poop, they are released to fend for themselves in a wild that they no nothing about,  having been bred for domestic care and use. I do have well founded concerns, yet oddly enough , my husband does not. Hummmm.

As of this morning, I have no idea if a second goat has been acquired already  and I  would really like know.

Selling an animal here at Gullringstorp has never been easy , even under the very best of conditions. I am closer to my animals than I suppose I should be and I have been told to keep my professional distance since they are a major component  of my Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap business.

Our buyer is due to come to Gullringstorp tomorrow so my husband is now like a race horse at the gate, chomping at the bit. My greeting this morning was not, “Good morning, how was your sleep?”  although I did get that later. Instead I was greeted with all the sales and transport papers for our little Florian !

Oh my!!! When in a marriage do men understand and master the fine art of sensitivity and really understand their wives?? When??

I’m very glad all the paperwork was done, God knows I would never do it, but to be the first thing I was greeted with in the morning just was a bit unkind. I say, get them done, place them somewhere where I don’t have to see them and present them on the day of the sale. I am already having mixed feelings about this sale and to be have to look at the final papers was just beyond me. Not a good feeling.

Yes, yes , yes, I know this is all part of farm life. I know this, and I keep telling myself this, but it never makes it any easier when an animal is giving birth, sick, dying or being sold.

I don’t know when I’ll become less sensitive and my husband a bit more sensitive.

Please don’t say well this is what you signed up for, all of the above, because I know that.

Sometimes , it’s just about timing. Timing can be everything.