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US Northeast Snow Storm vs Swedish Winter

We are  keeping everyone in the Northeast in our thoughts today as you endure this winter storm. We hope everyone stays safe and warm.

We here at Gullringstorp are in the midst of winter, once again. Here in Sweden, we are used to the snow. We have the infrastructure to handle great amounts of snow. Our plows are always at the ready and everyone is prepared with a variety of shovels and warm gloves etc. Even our airports function well during winter storms. Nothing stops in Sweden.

All of us who live in the countryside with animals,  learn how to survive the winter and care for our animals. We know how to keep hens warm and water from freezing and keep animals comfortable.

This morning as it snowed I went for a walk with my naughty but sweet Nanna out for a walk . She hesitated at first then she really seemed to enjoy it as she walked me.

Nanna takes me into the goat enclosure

Nanna takes me into the goat enclosure



In she goes

Nanna is so curious to see what happened to her enclosure



My husband was out shoveling when he made a discovery and came in to get me. I grabbed my camera and in the hedge we found something beautiful:

Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?

Look at that sweet little head

Look at that sweet little head


He was so still but every now and again , his ears flicked

He was so still but every now and again , his ears flicked

So beautiful...

So beautiful…

Please stay safe in the storm.






Hurricane Sandy

I had planned a really silly goat post for today but I feel this is a much more important message.

This storm sounds like something to be concerned about. It’s not everyday that New York is warned of such impending danger. There have been mandatory evacuations called for which means this is a storm to take seriously. But, I do know New Yorkers, they are resilient and strong and are hopefully prepared for what ever comes.

Even though all this is true, I would still like to say here that I am as concerned for the residents of NY and the east coast.

I have a regular reader whose home was also threatened by the storm. I have wished Seasonsgirl  at all the best as well as everyone in Sandy’s path.


From all of us at Gullringstorp, we are thinking of you and want you to please stay safe!