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Something I Just Had to Share

I have been at my desk working really hard preparing to take my Lil Sis Goat Milk Soaps to a local festival. Our local feed and grain farm, StallMagasinet is having a Djur Dagen  ( Animal Day) on their grounds. It will be a big day for people of all the surrounding communities to come and enjoy. I was hoping to be able to bring one of my best behaved young ladies but was asked if I could present and sell my new Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soaps. This event is not until May but I am traveling soon to visit my daughter in London so I am getting as much done now, as possible.

While I work wrapping soaps and preparing paperwork at my desk, I have on YouTube and just let my 384 Favorites play. I had to stop my work to either sing along with a music video or listen to a motivational speaker. This particular video is so touching, I had to stop and watch as if it were the very first time.  I have always had an interest in puppets and have a large hand puppet collection all of which I enjoy bringing to life. It is a dream of mine to learn how to operate a marionette.

It’s just so beautiful and sad,  at the same time.