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Preparing for Boris

I lost my beloved iguana, Little Lady 4 months ago.
It was a very painful and private loss. She was a rescue that I got in USA as an adult. She lived with me nearly 15 years making her 30 when she passed. She was the love of my life with sweet eyes and gentle personality. She loved her family if cats and a dog and enjoyed every room of our home. She even had a summer house where she could enjoy our warm summer months outdoors.
I will always miss her and wish she was still in our family. There’s a major hole in the fabric that makes up our family here at Gullringstorp.

We are ready now to mend that hole. We have been in contact with an iguana owner who needs a home for his 8 year old male. He is in need of more consistent attention which he is unable to provide at this time.

After numerous emails back and forth for a month, we are satisfied that he will be happy with us.

Tomorrow morning we make the long drive to meet the newest member of our Gullringstorp family, Boris.

I apologize for not sharing our loss before, it was just too painful.

Little Lady:

Copy of HPIM1177





We have been so busy with last minute preparations for Boris. We will welcome him to Gullringstorp tomorrow.

He will have the two shelves to stretch out on as did Little Lady. We added a much more substantial branch. Leif cut it to fit the enclosure and wrapped around a cork log at the bottom making it easier to climb up.
He willing have 2 water containers on the lower shelf. He has a towel pillow.

Boris is used to a closed enclosure with a humidifier. To make our existing enclosure just right for Boris, we have covered the open mesh with plexy glass so the correct level of humidity remains inside as he is accustomed to.
The top has a hard surface to hold the humidifier also a space was cut out so the various important lamps can do their work. Two heat lamps, a UV lamp and a lamp on a timer.
We will place his pool at the bottom for him to go potty in. Although I bought him a new food dish, we may use the one he is used to.

We hope we have done all we can to help make his transition to his new home, as smooth as possible.

We are using the same carrier that Little Lady traveled to Sweden in so many years ago.

Max and Pip one of our cats,  just had to check out the enclosure.
Everyone here has missed Little Lady and are so excited with all the activity of the day.

We will all welcome Boris tomorrow.




























A Love Connection at Gullringstorp

It has been about 3 years since my daughter’s cats came to live with us here in Sweden. We have Juliet a beautiful Black and White and tiny Pumpkin  a Tabby who at 14 years old, and looks exactly the way she looked when I discovered her at the shelter, so many years ago.

It has taken Juliet and Pumpkin some time to settle into the routine here at Gullringstorp. Not only did they have the size of Gullringstorp to get accustomed to, but other animals here in the house as well. They both remembered Little Lady from when they used to live with me years before, so that was no problem. They had two new cats to get to know  and like or dislike. After a couple of years, they are coexisting just fine. There are a few flare ups every now and again, but that’s to be expected, especially when you have 3 ladies. The biggest adjustment was not the cats or all the stairs and rooms to get lost in or even the diet of fresh fish; it was Max our dog. Juliet had never lived with a dog in her life and Pumpkin had  but so many years ago. Juliet took time to get used to our gregarious Brussels Griffon, which is quite normal. What is not normal is the way Pumpkin our 14-year-old took immediately to Max. It was as if they had been separated at birth. There was an immediate connection and they are now best buddies  and have fallen  in love.

Here are the two buddies or should I say love birds relaxing in the kitchen:


photo 1


photo 4


photo 3


photo 1


photo 2


photo 1