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Boris Update!

Our newest member of our Gullringstorp family, Boris is doing just fine.
He seems to be enjoying his new home. He watches the cats and our little Max through the plexy glass on his enclosure. He can be found on every shelf and resting area provided him. He has finally found his heated shelf and seems to enjoy it. He hasn’t started to eat yet but I offer him a nice bowl of delicious chopped veggies: kale, carrots, zucchini and apple. If the plate is untouched in the evening, it goes into the chicken’s bowl. He will soon start eating. He’s still adjusting.
I am so glad he is here with us at Gullringstorp!












Sun and Heat at Gullringstorp

After winter temperatures, we had a day when the sun came out and boy did it come out. I had rotated mommies and babies and for some time I had Poppy, Pansy and their babies out in the front yard. When they went out, we were still over cast with clouds and it felt like rain. I had no worry about sun. I came out to do my regular check in and saw the ladies resting against the wall with the babies. They looked idyllic, until I took a closer look. Pansy was breathing really hard and I got really worried. I immediately took them all inside the cool stable. Once in their boxes I examined them all very closely. Poppy was panting slightly, but Pansy was really panting hard. When you have goats or any animal for that manner, you have to think on your feet. there is no time to run into the house to check your books; you have to use your head and any previous experience, fast. Cold water!!! Ok I know goats don’t like getting wet but I didn’t care. Cold water was the answer. First on her cheeks , then her neck, then on the rump. She loved it and waited for more. Then of course the cold water bucket held up to her where she stood. I did all I felt was needed to cool my dear Pansy down. It worked. Two cooling down session 15 minutes apart did the trick. We have a shelter wall to protect our goats from the sun, but it’s being used as a fence in Pumpkin’s box, temporarily. Leif will have to find another way to separate her box and place that sun shelter back where it belongs. The sun snuck up on us all and I was not prepared and the sun in Sweden is HOT, even 10 minutes of it. Pansy is fine and so is little Lilly!


Pansy and little Lilly

Pansy and little Lilly

We took the board away from Pumpkin's box abd iut became our sun shelter in the front bay yard

We took the board away from Pumpkin’s box and it became our sun shelter in the front bay yard

This was only possible because of a wonderful development in Poppy and Pansy’s box. Because they are sisters and because they have been out together in the stable corridor with their babies, they have a great tolerance of each other. their separating fence came down and was moved to Pumpkin’s box. Pumpkin is still not very calm with having others near her babies except us.

Now there is a new fence up ion Pumpkin's box and we can see her and her babies Violet and Willow

Now there is a new fence up ion Pumpkin’s box and we can see her and her babies Violet and Willow

Meanwhile, it is a real delight watching Poppy Pansy and their little ones, Lilly and Huckleberry in peaceful coexistence.

They have even changed sides of the box. Pansy is enjoying the little nook with Lilly safely tucked away and Poppy is where Pansy used to be as her son Hukcelberry is so re

They have even changed sides of the box. Pansy is enjoying the little nook with Lilly safely tucked away  under her chin while  Poppy is where Pansy used to be as her son huckleberry is so relaxed

With our sun and heat worry over, the clouds and rain have come back. Oh well, we are ready for the next time the Arctic sun shines again.


Pansy & Poppy are Bred With Balder

Our goats are West African miniature dairy goats. Both Nigerian Dwarf goats and our Pygmy goats can be bred year round.  This means that our doelings and does come into heat once every month.  Most of the  world’s goats are seasonal breeders,which means they come into heat once a year.  Since ours come into heat every month, we have the wonderful advantage to be able to breed our does when it suits us.

They give us clues when “heats” are on the way. They become very affectionate, much more than usual. Their tails  flick and wag like a dog which is known as “flagging”.  And last but not least, our does have a lot to say when they are in heat. With 17 females, we have a lot of “heat” sounds in our stable. A doe in heat make a very loud cry in addition to other vocalizations when in heat. When we have a quiet day in the stable, it actually sounds strange to us.

Here Pansy lets us know that she is in heat:


This will be Pansy’s first pregnancy so we decided for her to be bred with a smaller goat. We just try to avoid big babies with first time mothers


Balder knows what he is doing and is quite gentle and patient with our does


Pansy played hard to get for a while.

In this next video, Pansy is in what we refer to as a “standing heat”.  This means she is now ready to be bred.


After much time had passed, Pansy was successfully bred Dec. 1, 2012   She has not come into heat since


Poppy, Pansy’s sister was also bred with Balder

Poppy plays hard to get, in the beginning
Poppy plays hard to get, in the beginning



Poppy did not make it easy for Balder


We knew she was ready , but the breeding process takes time, especially the first time. Even though this is a natural call to breed, our first timers have been a bit scared.


Poppy did eventually come down and was bred for the first time Dec. 5, 2012. Success! Poppy has not come into heat since


Little Man and Baby Boy exchange some “words”.