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Our Nanna

Nanna, one of our Pygmy does, is a very special lady. She is kind, gentle and at times quite mischievous. This little lady has given us a beautiful little buckling, Toby, who has grown into a handsome buck. She was such a good mother to her baby. As a member of our herd, she greets everyone and is easy-going in the enclosure.

This little lady has found a special place in my heart for all the reasons above.

Here is the kind and gentle side of Nanna:

Nanna and Petunia

Nanna and Petunia




Nanna admiring Fiona's collar

Like all ladies, Nanna admiring Ivy’s collar. Nanna had been admiring her collar for some time, so we got her one  so she wouldn’t feel left out

Nanna and Florian have formed a freindship

Nanna and our little buckling Florian, have formed a friendship

A New Collar for Peanut

Every now and again, my ladies , especially, outgrow their collars. This happens for several reasons; either they are still growing or their winter fur becomes too thick under their collar making them a bit too snug.

No matter the reason, when it’s time, it’s just time.

Here is pumpkin in her new collar:

Goat Bling

I don’t know about you, but I am so down about Sandy that I need a pick -me-up. Here is what I chose to pick me up and put a smile on my face.

I hope it makes you smile:

Fiona sports a beautiful fake bejeweled collar

Fiona sports a beautiful fake bejeweled collar

Fiona dips her head to show off her lovely "Goat Bling" !

Fiona dips her head to show off her lovely “Goat Bling” !


What fun!  In times like this, we all could use something that makes us remember to smile…