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2nd Burmation

Well, something is happening that I did not expect. After much in depth research, I understand it is possible.

Sidney has gone into burmation!!

Last year she decided to have her first sleep in Dec. This year is quite a bit earlier. After researching several Bearded Dragon sites and forums, I’ve learned that she actually was a bit late last year. Typical months are August, September, October and November.

My thoughts are, since we had an extremely hot July and beginning of August then abruptly went to very low temperatures, this may have triggered her sleep.

She is settled down behind her log, nice and cozy in her substrate. I can see her from the side of her tank. She’s moved several times but remains in the same area. God, I miss her. After reading all I could, I know she’s not sick. I did offer her water with drops from a syringe, she refused it. She looked up at me as if to say, I’m ok mom. With that look I knew it was time to let her sleep. I un plugged everything, lights and heat lamps.

So for the record, Sidney went into her 2nd burmation, Aug. 30, 2018

Needless to say, I will be a bit of a wreck till she wakes up. Anyone with dragons sleeping this early, I’d love to hear from you. Please join me in wishing Sidney a peaceful, uneventful sleep.😴 #beardeddragon #burmation #pet

Castration Day

My 3 little bucklings got castrated today. It was time. Soon all those bucky behavior will be over. Wee wee on the face, trying to mount the girls and ladies.

Our vet Magnus came ready for a big job. My boys are young but were all 3, quite well endowed. Magnus was so surprised at the size if their pouches.

They were sedated and fell asleep. A local was given to lessen any pain.

While my boys were out, I did pedicures and they got their ear tags.

All went according to plan. All 3 are up and eating.

We are happy it’s all done.

Pearl’s Grandbabies

My little Pearl’s chicks are all grown up with chicks of their own. Last night I saw two mommies who have been nesting together in a little hutch, outside. There were 2 eggs in the hutch.

The hutch is actually the top portion of a covered cat litter pan. We RECYCLE and REUSE as often as we can at Gullringstorp.

This tiny family unit consists of 3 ladies and 1 rooster. Oliver has been the best to his ladies. Very often, I’ve opened their door to find all 4 cuddled up inside the tiny hutch.

With the 2 mommies outside last night, I was so worried something had happened to the babies. The one mommy stood up and I saw tiny feet x2!!!

Not sure if both mommies actually sat on an egg each or if one stayed to keep the other company. How ever it can be broken down, those two chicks will be loved and cared for by the entire family.

When I saw the babies out with the larger hens, I got scared. I’ve always separated mommies and babies to safe guard them from the adults who can be very mean and cruel.

When I brought out the new container, I saw the babies just navigating their way between all the adult legs. They were with their family and they were safe.

We are just delighted to welcome these 2 to Gullringstorp

Rain !!!

We finally have rain at Gullringstorp after an extremely hot and dry summer.

Our boys are out because they hate inside days.

Our mothers and babies are inside today. They all received yummy branches to occupy their time.


My little Jill has laid eggs. I wonder if we will have babies. Sweet Jack & Jill. 😊❤️🍼#africanalbinodwarffrogs #africanfrogs #dwarffrogs #pet


You can not believe how happy this makes me. I found this beautiful pillow with a removable cover and thought it would be great for my Boris. I know, not the couch or my bed but for Boris. Well, it has been in his enclosure for 3 days and he’s been so afraid of it. I placed it so he would have to pass over it to reach his meal and water bowl. He wouldn’t even look in that direction. I just walked in to see my Boris all comfy cozy on his new pillow. He still has his fish pillow on the other side. I am so happy!!😁❤ #greeniguana #iguana #iguanasofinstagram #reptile

First Wash

Today I washed my new cage liners for my two piggies, Punch & Judi.

I purchased these as reversible so that I could get longer wear. I was able to use the blue side for 5 days then turned the liners over to have a clean blue side.

My new cage liners washed up and dried like a dream. Fluffy and soft. No bunching or shrinkage.

So very happy with this purchase.

If you have piggies or small pets on fleece, I recommend CottonTailPatterns on Etsy. They are out of the UK and do ship WORLDWIDE. Great product and work.


Clouds over Gullringstorp, before the rain.


My sweet little Tana.

Tonight’s Dinner

Good evening from Gullringstorp!

Tonight’s dinner:

Sticky Asian Wings

Garlic Sautéed Pak Choi

Jasmine Rice