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I apologize for the delay in making this announcement but our house hold has been a bit off balance with the loss of our 2 senior kitties, the Baby Girls.

My daughter and I have decided on a name for our little guinea pig.

Congratulations to Susan Rogers who suggested the name; JUDI. We decided to go with the whimsy. We got Judi a pal and he is now named Punch.

We have two boys named Punch & Judi!

They are pals from the same breeder. The breeder Carola was kind to deliver little Punch to us at Gullringstorp. They are adorable and so sweet.

After Punch arrived, the cage I had all of a sudden seemed too small for my boys. Leif has built a beautiful large enclosure that is now in my office. It’s still being finished but photos will be posted on my blog.

Thank you to everyone who offered names for my little boy.

Congratulations again to Susan Rogers!🎈🎈 Please DM your contact info so I can send you your prize of a FREE bar of Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap #guineapig #pets #petstagram #piggy


Sweden is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave.

I bought these cooling collars at a sale last year. Tasha feels faint in the heat and Max is just plain uncomfortable.

Houses in Sweden don’t have central air, as a rule. We have a portable AC in our bedroom and fans throughout the house.

These cooling collars are coming in handy!☀️️☀️️☀️️☀️️

Zooplus Haul

My order for my little piggies arrived today!!

Wonderful glass drip proof water bottles made of RECYCLED glass. They each have a tiny carrot inside to help you see water level. I bought 2 so there will always be a clean one available.

A fun wicker tunnel for my piggies to enjoy. We are planning to build a much larger enclosure for them. Currently they are in a beautiful rabbit cage but, need much more room to run, popcorn and play. It’ll fit well in the large enclosure.

Pea Flakes are a nutritious treat to be given as you wish. A morning treat or a bedtime treat. 100% Natural with raw protein, calcium and copper. A product from Germany.

I’m happy and hope my piggies will be also.

Goodbye Juliet

It’s with much sadness we said goodbye to our 2nd senior kitty yesterday. May 31, 2018 our Juliet went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was 18 yrs old. She will soon join her sister Pumpkin, age 20 yrs old, who made the travel just 6 days prior.

Juliet was a real trooper and adjusted so well to change and she had many changes in her life. Rescued from a shelter in NJ she was welcomed into our home and was embraced by other kitties and Little Lady my iguana. She and her sister made the scary trip into Manhattan as I drove for the first time to settle my daughter in her new flat. The “sisters” traveled in the same pet carrier and were wide eyed as they came out of the tunnel and saw the big city. Little did they know, their travels were not done. They both flew to join our family at Gullringstorp when my daughter was off to grad studies in Glasgow. They were able to fly together in the same travel crate. Juliet embraced her new home and environment just as smoothly as her sister Pumpkin. After a few days in my daughter’s bedroom, they were able to join the gang. The stairs were the best part for Juliet. My husband spoke of the way she sounded when she came down the stairs, at her funeral. She always sounded like a herd of horses. Juliet came to me with tummy issues and always had difficulties digesting her meals. Many ended up on the floor. I spent several months testing and finally finding just the right formula for her meal. Consistency and temperature was key. As she grew older she began to lose her sight. That never stopped her. She knew the way to the stairs to go up to her potty or just take a stroll around the downstairs area. She and Pumpkin were not biological sisters but lived as if they were. They had good times as well as bad. But they enjoyed each other’s company.

Juliet is buried next to Pumpkin at a place we call 4 Trees Gullringstorp. The funeral was attended once again by Leif, myself and Juliet’s 2 dog brothers, Max and Finn.

There is a huge hole in the fabric of this household at Gullringstorp. The “Baby Girls” as my daughter called them and they were known as by many, are no more.

It’s with a very heavy heart and tear stained face, I say my final goodbye to the Baby Girls.😢💔

Pumpkin Part 2

Thank you everyone who sent condolences and hugs at our loss of little Pumpkin. Many have asked how she passed. She was a feisty little cat who insisted on climbing the stairs. I scooped her up and gave her a lift up, if I happened to see her. The day previously, May 23, one of her legs went out from under her. I knew it would be soon. She had no pain or complaints. She was just a little senior cat. On the 24th after returning from the goats, I passed by the bathroom where both senior kitties slept in peace and she was on the floor, not her bed and just did not look right. Scooping her up, I knew it was her time to go. This is the little rocker that I rocked my little senior kitty in for 2 hours. I talked to her while Finn seemed to sit vigil for her. He came to sniff her and he knew. He respectfully did not try to kiss her face off as usual. It was very gentle, then he laid at my feet. When Pumpkin fell asleep, I placed her on her cozy bed. She passed very soon after. I kissed her and told her I would see her again one day. My little love went painlessly and peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge🌈 😢💔


Sidney is just relaxing at the window after her bath. It’s not an outside day for her, a bit too windy. She only goes out on really hot days.

Goodbye Pumpkin

It’s been a really difficult day at Gullringstorp. Last night, just after midnight, my beloved cat Pumpkin went over the Rainbow Bridge🌈

She was 20 years old. I always hear how nice to have your pets for so long. All my pets have long lives. My pet rat lived to be 12 yrs old. My hamster lived not 4 yrs but 10. My female iguana lived to be 30 yrs old. Our oldest cat to date was Junior who was 16.

My Pumpkin was 20, her “sister” Juliet is 17 yrs old. My two seniors kept each other company.

Pumpkin was a world traveler. California to NJ to NY to Sweden. She was a great traveler. She embraced her new life in every new destination. In Sweden, she fell in love with her first dog, Max. Then she had a new boyfriend, Finn. She also loved her two iguanas, Little Lady and Boris.

I’ve had Pumpkin since she was a baby. I’ve watched her grow, mature and take on many new adventures. She could be called a kitty role model. An inspiration to kitties everywhere to grab life with gusto.

My heart is broken today. We held a funeral service here at Gullringstorp. Leif dug a grave for her at 4 Trees, an area at Gullringstorp. We both said words for her, with Max and Finn in attendance. Pumpkin was buried in her cozy Snuggle Pouch.

She will be really missed here at Gullringstorp.

Goat Treats

We have a new mother who seems to be having trouble putting weight back on after having twins. I’ve had this happen before with other mothers. They just need extra nutrition. Actually, all new mothers need a boost while they are nursing new babies.

Last night I made delicious Goat Treats. The house smelled wonderful. We actually could eat them. The ingredients are so yummy: oats, apples, carrots, bananas, raisins, wheat flour and molasses. They baked up nice.

Everyone got a Goat Treat at bedtime (not the babies). Tova got one this morning. #lappgetter

Visitors at Gullringstorp

We recently had visitors at Gullringstorp. They wanted to visit a farm and meet our goats.

We were happy to welcome 2 young people who are in Sweden waiting for asylum. The young man is from Iran and the young lady is from Somalia.

They both had farm experiences from their homeland and were happy to be out of the town and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the countryside at Gullringstorp. It’s a pleasure for us to welcome people to Gullringstorp. Whatever they are going through, as asylum seekers, a visit to Gullringstorp gives them an escape from the long wait and many meetings.

The two enjoyed meeting Thelma, our blind hen and Sidney who was enjoying the sun.

They had a tour of our stable with explanation of what it takes to have and care for goats. Then we all went to the goat enclosure to meet the new babies and mothers. I had made little tied packages of chopped carrots so they could feed the adults. This was so nice to watch as they enjoyed feeding my goats. The very best of the day was watching them enjoying the new babies. The mothers were very comfortable with their presence, so it was not a problem for them to touch and hold the babies. Bob was the star of the day. He got lots of love.

I had prepared diced bread cubes so the chickens could be fed. They also learned all about Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap.

It was a really wonderful day. Each person that visited Gullringstorp, left with a little bag of Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Pink Lemonade Goat Milk Soap.

Our guest were welcomed back anytime.


Little Bob and mommy Tuva joined the herd on the big enclosure today. Bob is enjoying his fellow babies.❤️