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Bed Time in the Stable

Good evening from Gullringstorp!
Everyone is tucked in for the night. After a day inside due to rain, everyone got yummy treats.

In addition to fresh clean water, hay and straw top ups and grain, there treats:

Cauliflower greens(nice and crunchy)

Sliced carrots

Sliced bananas

Sliced bread

As I said my goodnight to each goat and chicken, their evening lights came on. The lights are on a timer and will go out around 23:00

Good night from our gang in the stable and outbuildings.



Happy Autumn from our home to yours❤️

Wax worms 🐛 

Sidney enjoying her Wax Worms. Munch !! Munch !! 

Sidney’s feet

My Sidney, up close. Her foot looks huge but in reality it’s tiny and delicate. I kiss it as often as I can😘

Sidney and a Pal

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
It doesn’t take long for new comers to make friends at Gullringstorp. Sidney is comfy on Pip’s back and Pip is in heaven❤️

Theo & Finn

Theo loves to greet Finn on his way back to the stable for the evening. Finn gives Theo a kiss😘


Awww Theo! What a kissable little face. #lappgetter


HELP!!Max decided he’d rather be a Sheep Dog than a Brussels Griffon! 😊


With so many animals at Gullringstorp, I really have to have a schedule, if not on paper, for certain in my head. Sidney gets her dinner at 17:45. Cats are all fed at 18:00. Then I head out with the dogs to bring the goats and chickens in for the night. My goal is to be back inside at least by 19:30. That’s when I have quality quiet time with Sidney up stairs on my bed. She loves it. She loves the soft pillows and enjoys looking around. Max and Finn always keep her company while I feed Tana my Leopard Gecko who lives in my bedroom. I carry Sidney downstairs while she clings to my jammies and kiss her sweet head as we walk. She’s back in her home just before lights out at 20:00 Then it’s good night Sidney, see you in the morning.😴❤


Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
Thelma, my blind chicken enjoys a bit of free range roaming before being placed in her outdoor pen for the day.