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Too Hot!!

Pip is enjoying his new Cooling Mat. With the continuation of our extreme heat, these became a must. Max and Tasha are my two that are really uncomfortable on regular hot days. This heat wave is a bit too much for them. They have Chill Out cooling collars.

These Cooling Mats are designed to draw heat away from your pet. The mesh top layer is cool to the touch. They are non toxic and 100% safe for animals. I have purchased 4 so both Max and Finn have one as well as Pip and Tasha our 2 cats.

There is no AC in homes here on Sweden. We are fortunate to have a portable AC in our bedroom, but the rest of our home is a sauna. Our normally cool wood floors are warm.☀️️😰🔥I do my best to make sure everyone is comfortable.


Punch enjoying parsley sprigs at lunchtime.

Mommy Time

This little mommy needed a break. I let her out to enjoy the sunny day and her flock pals. She had a wonderful sand bath. Her baby was not only safe in her enclosure without mommy, her dad Winston was babysitting. I came back in the house and prepared meal for Boris, Sidney and the piggies. After all was done, i headed back out to reunite mommy and baby.❤️🍼🐣🐓

Eco Paws

If you have a fur baby or a friend who has one, Li’l Sis has the perfect Eco-Friendly product for your beloved fur baby. My fur babies Max and Finn were my inspiration for this NEW product. To read more about ECO PAWS, check out the link in my bio.

Li’l Sis ECO PAWS is a completely Natural paw salve to help heal and protect paws.

All the Natural and Organic ingredients are sure to not only protect your fur baby’s paws, but to help in the healing process of existing sore, rough or cracked paw pads. Gullringstorp in Sweden, has been experiencing extreme heat the last couple of weeks. If you are also suffering in the heat this summer, my product is just what you need for your fur baby. ECO PAWS protects your fur baby on hot summer days. Hot sidewalks are ideally to be avoided, but if you cannot, protect your fur baby’s paws with Li’l Sis ECO PAWS. A protective nourishing layer will allow your fur baby to walk on hot surfaces, comfortably. Don’t forget the coming winter months. Li’l Sis Eco Paws is a must during the winter also. In keeping with Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap Mission statement, the container I use is Eco- Friendly and compostable.❤️ #lappgetter










Pip & Sidney

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!!

Pip really enjoys his little reptile sister Sidney. After cuddles, Pip tries his best to fit in Sidney’s wee bed.😂

Hej from London!!

Sitting in a sweet little city park in Bloomsbury to read . Met this woman with 3 chocolate labs. Any animal or dog owner or lover, would immediately see that they were seniors. Indeed these sisters were 16, 14 and 13.

I had a lovely chat about the dogs, senior pets and humans. We spoke of the virtues of being a senior. We shared some viewpoints and disagreed on others.

She and her dogs walked away and we wished each other well. That her dogs lived through another winter and my goats would not forget me.


My sweet little Thelma started her day of with a cool swim.

Good Night

Good night from Punch & Judi

Cleaning Day!

Enclosure cleaning day. All clean cage liners laid down today. Punch & Judi love their soft fleece cage liners that I have made for them.

My daughter says I’m guinea pig crazy. Well she could be right. I’m looking forward to looking at fabric shops in London for some cute or pretty fleece fabric to make more liners. They are easy to maintain and are machine washable. They are also Eco Friendly with an absorbent anti bacterial inner layer of Bamboo.


We had a terrible downpour just a bit ago. My girl Thelma was outside in her little pen. She had a top to protect her from drizzling but the rain came from all angles. My Thelma was cold and soaking wet. Not the first time she was drenched. Into the house, got wrapped up in a warm towel then a blow dry. Even her little feathered feet were soaking. She’s all dry and warm and will spend the night in the house.