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Tana’s off to bed

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
Tana, on her way to bed this morning. She didn’t stop for a meal today. As Tana becomes an adult, her mealtime can vary from every other day, once a week to even longer. All I need to do is look at her beautiful tail to access her state of health. A fat tail on a Leopard Gecko is a great sign of health. 

I started out bedding her mealworms on Eco-Earth but decided to change to oats. They still get carrots and greens to become “gut loaded”. They really seem to like the oats and become nice and fat. Each one is dipped in calcium and vitamin powders before offered to Tana. This makes for a delicious nutritious meal. So when she skips meals or lengthens the time between meals, I don’t worry about her.

Little Thelma 

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
This is little Thelma. We had a hawk come into our chicken yard about 2 weeks ago. All the chickens scattered except little Thelma. I head the noise and ran back. The yard was empty. Not a chicken in sight except little Thelma. She was alone just running in circles in the center of the yard. When I finally got a hold of her, I brought her into the house. After careful handling I discovered several wounds on her tiny fat body. She has been kept quiet inside our home for nearly 2 weeks. 

I brought her back out with the first sign of sun. Well no one claimed her. In fact she was pecked by every family I tried to reintroduce her to.

Only solution is a pen where she has all she needs and the close company of a flock.

She’s not quite right so she’s quite safe in this little pen. She seems happy pecking and nesting in the hay and straw.

Im not sure of her future but this is her life at the moment. She wad very traumatized.🙁


Good morning from Gullringstorp!

Actually, Tana is saying good night, right after she eats. She is nocturnal and she is on her way night night. She ate a delicious dinner of 30 mealworms. She will retreat to her favorite hide and have a nice sleep. I will see her again late this evening, for a cuddle.
Sleep well Tana!💤

Lunch With Boris

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
Lunch with Boris!
Assorted chilled greens

Grated carrots 

Bean sprouts

Diced plums

Diced banana

Topped off with a dusting of powdered Calcium on the greens as well as the veggies and fruit.
Boris can move very slowly or swiftly, as needed. Here he’s very relaxed and slow. Boris is always concerned with what’s on my feet. Slippers, socks or bare footed. He always check to see the condition of my feet.

Then he hears something snd his movements become swift.
Bon appetite Boris! 🍴​

Rose Petals

Welcome to Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap for a  luxurious all natural Rose Petals Goat Milk Soap. The delicious scents of this beautiful are natural Rose Geranium  and Palm Rosa Essential Oils. Natural Madder Root gives the lovely soft rose color. 

As with all Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap has NO chemicals or Artificial Ingredients. No Animal Testing!


Beautiful roses drying

Roses drying


Finn absolutely LOVES the snow!!

Pals at Gullringstorp!

Everyone gets along at Gullringstorp!

Tasha and Little Lady. We no longer have her. She went over the Rainbow Bridge. She was 30 yrs old

Pip and Little Lady

Tasha and Little Lady

Juliet and Pumpkin. Juliet is 14 years old and Pumpkin is 18 yrs old

Pip and Boris 

Pumpkin and Finn are great pals

Pumpkin, Finn and Boris love to hang out looking out the window

Goats and Dinner

The goats are out on this chilly afternoon having a fine time. 

My kitchen smells heavenly with my meatballs slowly cooking in the oven. Pasta sauce simmers and it just smells divine.

Meatballs are browned first on the stove top then finished cooking slowly in the oven. As the sauce simmered I seasoned with that lovely herbed salt fro Balogne. 

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Home made garlic bread

Goat Treats

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
It was indeed a baking morning. The house smelled so delicious upstairs and downstairs. You would imagine cakes or cookies but you would be close.

Goat treats on the menu today.

The recipe for those who asked:

3 cups grain. (I use sweet mix, beet root, cracked barley and oats)

9.5 oz molasses 

1 cup whole wheat flour 

15 cups grain

48 oz molasses

5 cups whole wheat flour

I add raisins, apples, carrots and bananas 

Mix together adding small amounts of water. Place small balls on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350F or 180C for 20 mins


Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
This bouquet brightens my home and my spirits.