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Iris is a New Mommy !!

Iris is a New Mommy !!!

Hej from London!!!!

It’s has become increasingly more difficult to make any trips away from Gullringstorp. It is important to keep your marriage strong to weather the separations and you must be able to leave knowing all will be taken care of in your absence. With my miscalculation on the approximate date for Iris to deliver, I had planned my travel to be after her delivery. When I realized my error, tickets were booked . I have been in London since the 16th and have received daily reports on our does .

Yesterday was a very cold windy and rainy day so the goats were not out. I received a call from Leif that Iris had her babies as close as he can figure around 6:30 last evening April 18, 2013 !!!! Leif went to check everyone and saw that our Iris was laying in the straw each time he went to check so he remembered me saying , we must be observant to see where our mothers, nest and that is where must place new straw. He did that. He came to check her around 6;45 and there they were, two lively little babies, only minutes old, wet, on their feet and hungry!!!

Here is the e-mail I received:
Honey, we have two beautiful babies and they seem just fine. Cleaned up by Iris and they had their first milk. I gave Iris water with plenty of syrup and she drank it very fast, so I made some more for her. I tried to send a picture from my phone, but I think I was not successful.

I was just going into a movie when I spoke to Leif and could not contain my overwhelming joy! Amidst my euphoria I remember Leif saying the babies were up on their feet while iris was still laying down. Them it hit me…. Iris should be on her feet also! I began to worry…. Was she ok? Why wasn’t she up? Was she just exhausted ? Every possibility of what can go wrong flooded into my head.

I found out later that she did get up and cleaned her new babies and fed them. My husband also remembered to give her what every new mother at Gullringstorp gets right after delivery, warm water and molasses. Iris loved it!





I look forward to updates on our little Iris and her new babies. I will do my best to keep you posted from London.

Thank you Leif for taking such good care of everyone, Iris especially, in my absence and thank you so much for the beautiful photos !!

On a more somber note, my heart goes out to you, Boston…