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Reptile’s trip to the vet

We are heading home in a really warm car with my 3 little reptiles.

Sidney has begun to show signs of heading into burmation. I decided to take her in for her first and important exam. Our vet is the same vet who examined Boris when we first got him. My babies were in great hands.

Sidney is safe to go into burmation. She will need a low watt black heat lamp during the nights during winter. She can either bury herself in the substrate or hide away in her bark log. If she’s away for 2 days straight, I will have to leave her to it. She will have gone into burmation for at least 8 weeks.

Tana does not have eggs so if she digs, no worries. She’s a sound Leopard Gecko. My newest little Gecko is also sound and healthy. I learned that her eyes are indeed red not coal black as I have read. This means I must limit her time under the UV lamp as well as being careful with lighting when she’s on my bed having a meal at 01:00. Because of the cold weather, each reptile was safely tucked into their Snuggle Pouch, placed into my small cricket carriers and placed on heating pads that last 8 hrs. Sidney was the only one not in a container. Her first time traveling so now I know she will require her own tote bag.

They are all snug and warm on the drive home.❤️

Alexa and her baby Fredrick

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!

Today was a very special day for Alexa and her little boy Fredrick.

They were released from their nursery pen to join their flock outside. I always hold my breath with anticipation and worry at the reception they get.

Well Alexa was bullied by one of the tiny ladies and poor Fredrick was bullied and pecked by Freddie.

I stood our in the icy cold wind to supervise. Standing between them and their flock. I had to keep Freddie away so this new little family could enjoy the grass and a walk together, in peace.

Baby Fredrick watches and continues to learn from his mommy Alexa.


Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!

To our surprise, our vet was able to come to Gullringstorp in record time to perform a procedure. I wrote an email expressing our worry over Theo’s increasing violent and unpredictable behavior. This is all due to his hormonal surges.

Leif suggested we sell Theo but knowing his behavior during season, I could not sell him to an unsuspecting family. Because of his size, he’s very dangerous. I opted for castration instead.

The procedure was done nearly 2 weeks ago. Our vet said it would take at least 3 weeks for his system and hormonal surges to calm. So our boy remains outside in the boy’s enclosure. Nanuk is not at all as wild as Theo but he occupies another enclosure so we can bring him in at night.

I will be so happy to have my big teddy bear Theo back.


I’m so happy that my boys have recovered after eating a poisonous fungus that popped up in our grass after so much rain. This morning, Theo was so happy to go outside.


It’s sweater time at Gullringstorp! With rain and a cool blowing wind, sitting in the windowsill watching the leaves and rain, can get cool.Sidney is nice and cozy in her new warm sweater. The first of many😊❤️🍂🍁🌧


This is Theo eating hay this morning. I know, I know, another goat eating video. Well, no. This is important because my boys had most likely eaten a poisonous fungus that has come up in the enclosures. With all the rain, moisture and unseasonably warm temperatures, we have an abundance of mushroom growth and this fungus hiding in the grass.My boys have had an upset tummy since Saturday. I’ve offered carrots and bread, their favorites with no interest shown. Today after several days of getting 20cc’s of water mixed with vitamins and electrolytes, they are both on their feet and eating hay!❤️. 


Afternoon snuggles with her pal Pip

Feeling Sad

I have been missing my first herd. I love my new girls and my 2 boys but the heart never forgets. There’s nothing I can do in the stable or enclosure that does not remind me of my little lovelies. I took this video when I stepped outside of our stable after the last 17 took their journey over the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 As I’ve watched this video, I spotted a tiny moving blue dot. I have no idea what it is but I like to think it’s the spirit of my lovelies saying goodbye to me.😔.  


A new little life in our stable!

Lunch for Boris

Boris is ready to enjoy his lunch:
Mixed Baby Greens 

Dandelion Greens 

 Diced Plums

 Diced Yellow Bell Pepper 

Bean Sprouts.

Dusting of Calcium Powder.