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Baby Monitor for Spirea

OMG!! How much do I LOVE this Baby Monitor!!

I can watch Spirea during the night and during the day. Talk about multitasking! I took an online Tribal Belly Dance course while keeping an eye on Spirea, in my bedroom.πŸ˜‚ She’s doing just fine. She lays down most of the day which must give her some relief. When she stands,she sways her hips from side to side shifting weight from one foot to the other. Mirrors my dancing actually.

The first photo was the monitor during the night with infrared lighting while the other was this afternoon .


Winter at Gullringstorp! #winter #sweden #icecicles #frozen

Maternity Ward Update

With the educated assessment from my vet and what I’ve been witnessing, I jumped the gun so to speak.

Our Spirea, although exhibiting what I took as early labor signs, is not yet in labor. My girl is experiencing end of pregnancy discomfort. Not having experienced this with my previous herd, I immediately took her actions as the start of labor. It was my inexperience with this new breed that I’m learning as I go and my excitement. I couldn’t contain my excitement and brought you all along with me. I’m so sorry. Please contain but please continue to send good thoughts Spirea’s way. This experience just reminds me how much there is still for me to learn about my new herd. All goats are different as are their pregnancy symptoms. I have stopped my 03:00 vigils and with the help of this Baby Monitor, I can see my Spirea anytime during the night as she closes in on her delivery. My apologies again. Thank you for your continued support. I’m so embarrassed πŸ˜”#lappgetter


Sidney just wanted to say hej! She’s starting a shed. No worries. A warm soothing bath is just around the corner in the kitchen.πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’¦πŸ›

A Trip to a Chocolate Factory!

I love to get chocolates every now and again. This was a treat to visit this fun

Easter candies are on display.

This was the ceiling with what looks like dripping chocolate!!


Pip loves watching the snow falling.


OMG!! Pip says standing to drink water is just to difficult. Recline and enjoy Finn’s water. πŸ˜‚πŸ’¦

The Maternity Ward is Open!!

Baby watch at Gullringstorp! The Maternity Ward is now open.

This afternoon when I checked on the goats outside, I did my usual silly call to them. 3 girls came running to the gate while leaping and turning in the snow. All but one, Spirea. She sat very concentrated in the little hay house. I called to her by name with no response. I knew right away, she must be in labor. Immediately, I went in the stable to lay a fresh layer if clean straw in her box. The girls were brought in at 14:30 not their usual 18:00.

Spirea immediately made her nest. I brought the boys in just now at 17:30 a bit early due to new snow falling. I went to check on Spirea and she was standing and looking a bit uncomfortable. I am now in my role if goat doula. I have always massaged my ladies in labor. Spirea seemed to enjoy it. I will check her hourly.

I am especially happy for her to give birth because her last kid was taken from her and sold for slaughter because it was a buckling. When she came to us she was still in milk and gave Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap, wonderful milk for over a year. Spirea will keep this baby even if it’s a buckling. He will be castrated and remain with his mommy.

I will keep you all updated. Each birth at Gullringstorp is exciting but can take a tragic turn. Please send encouraging thoughts to Spirea for a safe and uneventful birth.❀️🍼🐐

I Just Couldn’t help Myself!!

I couldn’t resist. Just a stroke on the head. Sidney seemed to enjoy the contact. Taking it slow with her. She’ll let me know when she’s ready for more.😘❀️ #beardeddragonofig #beardeddragon #beardeddragon #reptilesofinstagram #reptilesofig #reptiles #itsabeardieslife

Sidney’s 2nd day awake after Burmation

I have my baby dragon back. She was very curious this morning. Watching every move and enjoying all the sounds of her family.😊❀