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Hej from Gullringstorp!

We always REUSE and RECYCLE items at Gullringstorp and Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap.

There’s an ongoing dilemma when it comes to hay supplies and guinea pigs. I’ve watched tons of videos on YouTube to see how others care for their piggies. I always see them taking out huge amounts of hay and tossing it. How can they afford that, one and two, so much is being wasted. Guinea pigs love to wallow in their hay and very often wee wee and poo in their pile of hay. There are hay bags that help a bit, but there’s still waste.

My piggies are no different. I have to always pull out soiled hay.

I have a great supply of hay in my stable because of my goats, but I still need to find ways to cut down on waste with my goats as well as my piggies. There has been a severe hay shortage for all farmers in our area. What we were able to buy has to last through our winter. We can’t afford wasted hay, in the house and in the stable.

My idea was first a box with holy cut out for my boys to access the hay. During my search I ran across a stack of Boris’ empty food containers.

2 side by side

Taped together

Stuffed with fresh clean hay

The idea is, my boys can enjoy fresh clean hay without soiling it or accidentally eating soiled hay.

Piggies love to bury themselves in a pile of hay. Well, I want to make sure my boys get to enjoy a big pile of hay in a container they are used to being in while I clean their home.

I hope they accept this new system. One thing I’m comfortable with, is that the openings to each container is smooth with no rough edges. If they are cheeky enough to go into the containers, its ok. They can get out. I also gave my piggies a wee wee pad so they can stand, eat and wee wee or poo away from their hay supply.

This was yesterday. My last photo shows emptied out containers I found this morning!!!


It worked!! It’s been nearly one week and hardly any hay waste !! Absolutely no soiled hay either!! It’s working wonderfully. 😊

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