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Pearl’s Grandbabies

My little Pearl’s chicks are all grown up with chicks of their own. Last night I saw two mommies who have been nesting together in a little hutch, outside. There were 2 eggs in the hutch.

The hutch is actually the top portion of a covered cat litter pan. We RECYCLE and REUSE as often as we can at Gullringstorp.

This tiny family unit consists of 3 ladies and 1 rooster. Oliver has been the best to his ladies. Very often, I’ve opened their door to find all 4 cuddled up inside the tiny hutch.

With the 2 mommies outside last night, I was so worried something had happened to the babies. The one mommy stood up and I saw tiny feet x2!!!

Not sure if both mommies actually sat on an egg each or if one stayed to keep the other company. How ever it can be broken down, those two chicks will be loved and cared for by the entire family.

When I saw the babies out with the larger hens, I got scared. I’ve always separated mommies and babies to safe guard them from the adults who can be very mean and cruel.

When I brought out the new container, I saw the babies just navigating their way between all the adult legs. They were with their family and they were safe.

We are just delighted to welcome these 2 to Gullringstorp

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