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Archive for August 11, 2018


You can not believe how happy this makes me. I found this beautiful pillow with a removable cover and thought it would be great for my Boris. I know, not the couch or my bed but for Boris. Well, it has been in his enclosure for 3 days and he’s been so afraid of it. I placed it so he would have to pass over it to reach his meal and water bowl. He wouldn’t even look in that direction. I just walked in to see my Boris all comfy cozy on his new pillow. He still has his fish pillow on the other side. I am so happy!!😁❤ #greeniguana #iguana #iguanasofinstagram #reptile

First Wash

Today I washed my new cage liners for my two piggies, Punch & Judi.

I purchased these as reversible so that I could get longer wear. I was able to use the blue side for 5 days then turned the liners over to have a clean blue side.

My new cage liners washed up and dried like a dream. Fluffy and soft. No bunching or shrinkage.

So very happy with this purchase.

If you have piggies or small pets on fleece, I recommend CottonTailPatterns on Etsy. They are out of the UK and do ship WORLDWIDE. Great product and work.


Clouds over Gullringstorp, before the rain.