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Archive for July 29, 2018

Tonight’s Dinner

Good evening from Gullringstorp!

Tonight’s dinner:

Sticky Asian Wings

Garlic Sautéed Pak Choi

Jasmine Rice


House Cleaning

My piggies Punch & Judi got a clean enclosure this morning.

I have my piggies on comfortable fleece instead of shavings. It may be an initial out lay of funds but these can be washed dried and re used for years. It’s also quite comfy on wee piggy feet.

Their enclosure is sprayed down with a water/vinegar soloution and wiped down.

The piggies wait patiently in a container lined with a towel.

I’ve replaced the soiled liners with my brand new cage liners. These beautiful reversible liners have the best absorbent inner material, Zorb. It holds X10 its weight in liquid. This material pulls all liquids away from the top layer of fleece, leaving it soft and dry for my piggies. I also have sweet little pads for any water bottle leakage.

I also put up their new chew garlands. So cute from the Chinchilla Lady.

I’m very happy with my new cage liners.

Thank you, Helen of CottonTailPatterns in the UK.