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New Enclosure for my Little Piggies

My piggies Punch and Judi have a brand new hand made enclosure.

My boys were housed in a beautiful rabbit cage. It’s a lovely large cage. It actually seemed small after awhile. They needed more space to be happy silly piggies.

My husband took my vision and made a wonderful enclosure. The new enclosure is not on the floor. It’s now on a table for easy access for me and my bad back. It has a great open space for running and popcorning. There’s a separate section for fresh foods and water. There’s another separate section for the all important hay.

They have 2 large hide homes, one on either end of the enclosure. Both piggies can be inside together, if they choose.

A main difference in their new enclosure, besides space. My piggies are now housed on fleece instead of shavings. The benefit of fleece is 2 fold. Soft and gentle on tiny piggy feet and if made correctly, has an absorbent lining to collect the wee wee. It’s also cost effective. Piggies wee wee a lot and changing out shavings adds up.

My boys have a set being professionally made by a wonderful woman in the UK. She uses the best non pill polar fleece with an absorbent layer of Zorb which can hold X10 its weight in wee wee leaving the top layer of fleece dry and clean. The cage liners are machine washable and reversible. My order will be ready and delivered to my while I’m in London. In the meanwhile, I have made my own 1st set for my boys. The liners, pads and Snuggle Pouches have an Eco Friendly absorbent layer of bamboo. Clean up is easy, just sweeping up little poopies. They stay clean and dry.

Punch and Judi are learning where to find all the important items like water, kibble, fresh veggies and hay supply.

I hope they will be happy in their new home.


Rabbit cage

You can see that as nice as this cage is, the floor space is limited

New enclosure just after it was finished in the workshop

A daisy waterproof lining covets the entire bottom

The new enclosure gets some finishing touches such as a wood like covering to blend in with the furnishings in my office

Handmade cage liner in place as well as Snuggle Pouches with extra pads

2 responses

  1. Sam Starr

    The piggies will be super happy in their new home…it’s fantastic! 😍

    June 13, 2018 at 22:05

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