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I was so worried about Winston when his two sons knocked him of his status as flock leader.

He is making a nest here for his lady of choice.😊❤️

Little Bob

Our New Babies Enjoying the Enclosure

Max and Finn in the sun



Little Nánit, Ája and Iissák enjoying a delicious pine branch.

Sidney’s Outdoor Enclosure

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!

Sidney got a new outdoor enclosure. This gives her and I the assurance of safety. She will have access to the cool grass and plenty of sunshine.

Many of her favorite items have been added; her Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Little Critter Snuggle Pouch, cork piece, her favorite stone to bask on, a little hide when she wants privacy, her favorite drift wood piece to lounge on and a plate with cool clean water.

So far, Sidney likes her outdoor enclosure ❤️

Visitors at Gullringstorp

We had visitors at Gullringstorp today. It was a day of rain and thunderstorms, but there was a nice break during their visit. Moms and babies were in the large enclosure already. They got to watch Tuva and baby Bob go into their own enclosure. Bob was very friendly and enjoyed the extra attention.

Inside the large enclosure, our guests met the other 4 new babies and moms. I’m so happy my little herd was not shy at all.

Everyone had a chance to feed carrots and apples to the moms and our bucks, Nanuk and Theo. The goats loved their treats.

Through our conversation, we learned that our twin boys and their little boy were born on the same day, April 8th😊 That was so fun.

Our visitors are also long time Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap. Their favorite is my Pink Lemonade. Thank you for your order!!

Before leaving Gullringstorp, Sidney came out to say hej!

Thank you so much for the visit today. What fun we had.😊❤


Sidney’s very first time outside in the sunshine. She loved it!❤


Our sweet little Bob😊❤🍼