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Goodbye Pumpkin

It’s been a really difficult day at Gullringstorp. Last night, just after midnight, my beloved cat Pumpkin went over the Rainbow Bridge🌈

She was 20 years old. I always hear how nice to have your pets for so long. All my pets have long lives. My pet rat lived to be 12 yrs old. My hamster lived not 4 yrs but 10. My female iguana lived to be 30 yrs old. Our oldest cat to date was Junior who was 16.

My Pumpkin was 20, her “sister” Juliet is 17 yrs old. My two seniors kept each other company.

Pumpkin was a world traveler. California to NJ to NY to Sweden. She was a great traveler. She embraced her new life in every new destination. In Sweden, she fell in love with her first dog, Max. Then she had a new boyfriend, Finn. She also loved her two iguanas, Little Lady and Boris.

I’ve had Pumpkin since she was a baby. I’ve watched her grow, mature and take on many new adventures. She could be called a kitty role model. An inspiration to kitties everywhere to grab life with gusto.

My heart is broken today. We held a funeral service here at Gullringstorp. Leif dug a grave for her at 4 Trees, an area at Gullringstorp. We both said words for her, with Max and Finn in attendance. Pumpkin was buried in her cozy Snuggle Pouch.

She will be really missed here at Gullringstorp.