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Visitors at Gullringstorp

We recently had visitors at Gullringstorp. They wanted to visit a farm and meet our goats.

We were happy to welcome 2 young people who are in Sweden waiting for asylum. The young man is from Iran and the young lady is from Somalia.

They both had farm experiences from their homeland and were happy to be out of the town and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the countryside at Gullringstorp. It’s a pleasure for us to welcome people to Gullringstorp. Whatever they are going through, as asylum seekers, a visit to Gullringstorp gives them an escape from the long wait and many meetings.

The two enjoyed meeting Thelma, our blind hen and Sidney who was enjoying the sun.

They had a tour of our stable with explanation of what it takes to have and care for goats. Then we all went to the goat enclosure to meet the new babies and mothers. I had made little tied packages of chopped carrots so they could feed the adults. This was so nice to watch as they enjoyed feeding my goats. The very best of the day was watching them enjoying the new babies. The mothers were very comfortable with their presence, so it was not a problem for them to touch and hold the babies. Bob was the star of the day. He got lots of love.

I had prepared diced bread cubes so the chickens could be fed. They also learned all about Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap.

It was a really wonderful day. Each person that visited Gullringstorp, left with a little bag of Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Pink Lemonade Goat Milk Soap.

Our guest were welcomed back anytime.

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