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Archive for May 17, 2018

Baby Goats grow up

The time comes for little ones to grow up. That time has come to our new baby goats at Gullringstorp. Time to learn about the electric fence!😱

It was with great trepidation and anxiety that our little ones were each zapped on the wires they have been playing in. Now they must understand they have boundaries. The power goes on in the morning and the little ones understand. They have had a few zaps but overall, it’s been a successful 2 days. I can actually leave them and go back in the house. They are doing great!!




Meal Prep

Lunchtime for my little ones, downstairs: Boris my iguana, Sidney my Bearded Dragon and the newest member “SweetPea” ( real name pending) our Guinea Pig. Our new member has Eco Friendly  Becco bowls.


Mixed greens





Bean Sprouts

Carrot ribbons

Gullringstorp garden greens: grass, clover, dandelion greens and flowers