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News from the Nursery

Tindra quietly gave birth this morning. She showed no signs of pending labor. I’m so glad we were both home. Leif saw her in the little hay house and suspected something. I was inside just about to give Sidney her bath. I dropped that, pulled on winter pants and ran out to the enclosure. She was indeed pushing. Baby’s head presented and 1 front hoof. Then it all stopped. I pulled the sac away from baby’s face and it was a relief to see a breath and a wiggle. Waiting for the contractions that will deliver this baby didn’t come. Not knowing how long would be too long to wait, my instincts said get that baby out. I got ahold of babies head and that one foot that was partially out. I gave a gentle pull as I felt for the second leg. Baby slipped out easily. Tindra immediately started cleaning her new baby. They are now settled down in their box. Theo watched closely from the boy’s enclosure.



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