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Tindra’s New Baby

Today I’m very happy to announce the gender and name of our first born Lappgett at Gullringstorp. We have a tiny girl😊Her name is a traditional Sami name, Aja. This name means “cold spring”. Perfect for a tiny goat born on a cold spring morning.

I have selected a joik which is a traditional Sami form of music. It is one of the oldest living music traditions in Europe. Sami in Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway and even parts of Russia sing these beautiful songs, joiks. The flag is the Sami nation flag. I’m proud that Gullringstorp has become a Gene Bank for one of Sweden’s critically endangered Heritage breeds of goat, the Lappgetter. These goats are being saved by living in Gene Banks throughout Sweden. There are just a bit more than 300 in the entire country.

Lappget are the goats owned by Sweden’s indigenous people, the Sami. They are from the Northern part of Sweden. This is a very hardy breed and have adapted well to the harsh cold Swedish winters. When the Sami traveled from mountains to the forest lands, the lappgetter (Lapp Goat) traveled with them and had no difficulty handeling the long distances over difficult terrain. Even their babies, just hours old can happily frolic in the winter snow. Lappgetter produced more milk for the nomadic Sami than their reindeer, which they have herderd for centuries.

These beautiful goats come in a variety of colors with White being the most common. You can find them in solid Black, Brown, Spotted or solid White.

From a Sampi website:

“The termination of the Sami goat farming was part of the extensive social changes that took off in postwar Sweden. It was connected with the building of the welfare state and the monetary economy and the growth which led to the younger began to leave farms against wage jobs and thus secure income. This led to many farms and hence attendant to the goats disappeared.”

It makes me very happy to be able to be a part of this important conservation work as a Gene Bank. Not only do we get to do our part, but we get to enjoy these delightful goats. An added bonus is that I can use their milk in all my Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap.

New Baby

Tindra’s contractions stopped with head and 1 foot presenting. I waited, but there were no more contractions. I pulled the baby. Baby is trying to stand at just 2 mins old!

News from the Nursery

Tindra quietly gave birth this morning. She showed no signs of pending labor. I’m so glad we were both home. Leif saw her in the little hay house and suspected something. I was inside just about to give Sidney her bath. I dropped that, pulled on winter pants and ran out to the enclosure. She was indeed pushing. Baby’s head presented and 1 front hoof. Then it all stopped. I pulled the sac away from baby’s face and it was a relief to see a breath and a wiggle. Waiting for the contractions that will deliver this baby didn’t come. Not knowing how long would be too long to wait, my instincts said get that baby out. I got ahold of babies head and that one foot that was partially out. I gave a gentle pull as I felt for the second leg. Baby slipped out easily. Tindra immediately started cleaning her new baby. They are now settled down in their box. Theo watched closely from the boy’s enclosure.