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Archive for March 5, 2018

The Maternity Ward is Open!!

Baby watch at Gullringstorp! The Maternity Ward is now open.

This afternoon when I checked on the goats outside, I did my usual silly call to them. 3 girls came running to the gate while leaping and turning in the snow. All but one, Spirea. She sat very concentrated in the little hay house. I called to her by name with no response. I knew right away, she must be in labor. Immediately, I went in the stable to lay a fresh layer if clean straw in her box. The girls were brought in at 14:30 not their usual 18:00.

Spirea immediately made her nest. I brought the boys in just now at 17:30 a bit early due to new snow falling. I went to check on Spirea and she was standing and looking a bit uncomfortable. I am now in my role if goat doula. I have always massaged my ladies in labor. Spirea seemed to enjoy it. I will check her hourly.

I am especially happy for her to give birth because her last kid was taken from her and sold for slaughter because it was a buckling. When she came to us she was still in milk and gave Li’l Sis Eco Friendly Goat Milk Soap, wonderful milk for over a year. Spirea will keep this baby even if it’s a buckling. He will be castrated and remain with his mommy.

I will keep you all updated. Each birth at Gullringstorp is exciting but can take a tragic turn. Please send encouraging thoughts to Spirea for a safe and uneventful birth.❤️🍼🐐