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New Bearded Dragon Adventures

Good evening from Gullringstorp!
My new baby is eating quite well, with a healthy appetite. With a great appetite comes growth. With growth comes shedding.

This is baby’s first shed. To help insure that shedding goes well, a warm bath is called for. I had a cute deep plastic container available for bath time. I hadn’t expected to use it so soon. I have yet held my baby but there was no way for baby to get into that bath without me taking hold and bringing baby out.

I have been hand feeding twice a day and finding opportunities to stroke baby’s back and head. Baby has found trust in me. I put on gloves just in case I get bitten. I had expected baby to run, but no. It was quite easy to get hold and carry baby to the bath. It was lovely.

Baby thoroughly enjoyed a 10 min soak in warm water. Some shed began to float in the bath water.

Baby even allowed me to stroke the beard ! Wow and with eyes closed !!

Wrapped up in a warm towel a kiss on the head and a little sweet talk, baby was gently placed back in the warm terrarium.

Dinner time. Yummy worms and crickets.

Baby was bedded down by 20:00 with a full tummy.

First shed and first bath!! That’s a full evening.


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