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A New Home for our Bachelors 

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
We are so very happy to say that our 3 bachelors have found a new home. This lovely family have 39 rescue battery hens and were in much need of roosters.

Our boys will be so happy. They will divide the 39 ladies between them. I can’t wait to learn their new names and see them in their new home. They will be free range which really makes me happy. They have been in the boy’s box with a window to sit in and enjoy the fresh air. Now they will be on the grass and have the freedom they should.

Today has been a good day.


Last rooster caught and joins his pas in the box


A run away rooster


Everyone who visits Gullringstorp, really enjoy viewing our car collection


Thelma gets lots of attention. She’s such a sweetie.


Thelma’s so gentle, even kids can hold her

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