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A Visit to Gullringstorp!

We had a delightful guest visit Gullringstorp this past Sunday. I have many people who follow my life as a city girl turned country gal. They thoroughly enjoy all the tales of life on our farm. My goats , chickens and other critters, all have a story. I share the good and bad of farm life while trying to accentuate the good. Everyone has a fantasy about life here st Gullringstorp. Whenever someone comes to visit, I get just a bit nervous. I don’t want a vision and expectation to be shattered by the reality of farm life.

Our guest was Stephanie from Switzerland. She wanted to meet everyone at Gullringstorp. She named EVERYONE. So cute.

You would have died laughing if you witnessed our greeting at our train station. We have been exchanging ideas, thoughts and photos and tid bits of each other’s lives, for years, through FaceBook. We hugged and grinned and hugged and screamed. I don’t care if I make noise and apparently neither does Stephanie. Oh it was just wonderful. 

As we entered the property, Stephanie learned of the loss of our 20 meter high 200 year old trees that we lost in a big storm. It’s a sad story to tell, but I feel I must as we have just one left out of 6. Stephanie knows that I regularly hug that tree and kiss her and thank her for staying with us.

Entering the front door, Stephanie was so tickled to meet Max and Finn. She kept saying, ” OMG!! It’s really Max and Finn”! There was much to see inside and many to meet.  Then our cat Tasha came to meet Stephanie. Our senior cats were met as well as Bonnie and Clyde, large fish upstairs, Boris and Tana. 

We spent a great deal of time in my nostalgia nook enjoying some of my collected books. Christmas books from around the works and mouse books as well. Oh we had a delightful time.

We walked from room to room and in each room there were stories to be told. Stephanie was even treated to a rare view of my Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap workshop.

Once outside, we entered a very special world of critters and the stories flowed once again. 

Stephanie enjoyed our tractor, cars and she even sat in Leif’s race car. She enjoyed looking at all the wonderful tools and vintage cars.

Stephanie was introduced to our chicken families after a tour of the stable with some of its many stories. She was able to give all the chickens, bread cubes. That’s fun to do and watch them all run to gobble them up.

She met my 2 patient chickens. Sara has sore feet so gets a foot bath every morning in warm water and vinegar. She also met and fell in love with Thelma who was traumatized by a hawk trying to carry her away. She is watched closely by myself and babysat on the grass by Max . When it’s time to leave the chicken yard, she enjoys the day in a special enclosure that my husband made for her. She gets to enjoy the day and her family take sand baths right next to her. They can chat if they want to. Thelma loves to be carried so Stephanie was also able to carry her. I think that was the highlight of the day, carrying sweet little Thelma.

Then it was out to visit the goats. We were blessed with a sunny warm day. It was really beautiful out in the enclosure. Stephanie met all the goats and learned their individual stories. We all had a lovely time with the goats.

Finally we sat down to lunch and enjoyed a Cajun chicken mixed green salad. We had a lovely late lunch in the breakfast room with non stop conversation. It was just so lovely. We talked and talked and lost track of time. So much so, Stephanie missed her train and rescheduled. It was actually better because, she was able to participate in our evening routine bringing in the goats and tucking in the chickens. Our goats all get sliced carrots for bedtime treats. Stephanie was able to feed the goats in the stable.

It was sad driving to the train station but Stephanie knows that she’s welcome back anytime. There was also an invitation extended for us to visit her in Switzerland.

Stephanie was so kind to bring us gifts ! Nerver expected that. Swiss chocolates, yummy. An adorable cutting board in the shape of a buck. A beautiful Swiss Swatch with a cow bell and all. Oh what a surprise!! Thank you Stephanie!!

We had a most wonderful time and so enjoyed our guest. Thank you for wanting to visit Gullringstorp! Welcome back!!

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