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Tana’s off to bed

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!
Tana, on her way to bed this morning. She didn’t stop for a meal today. As Tana becomes an adult, her mealtime can vary from every other day, once a week to even longer. All I need to do is look at her beautiful tail to access her state of health. A fat tail on a Leopard Gecko is a great sign of health. 

I started out bedding her mealworms on Eco-Earth but decided to change to oats. They still get carrots and greens to become “gut loaded”. They really seem to like the oats and become nice and fat. Each one is dipped in calcium and vitamin powders before offered to Tana. This makes for a delicious nutritious meal. So when she skips meals or lengthens the time between meals, I don’t worry about her.

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