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Tana, my Leopard Gecko

Tana is growing so nicely and her color is just more and more beautiful after each shed. We have formed a bond and I understand when she wants to come out and hang out with mommy. There’s a look on her sweet face that lets me know the difference between time to eat and time to come out and hang out. 

Today, it’s time to prepare more worms for her meals. Tana has tried crickets but is not interested. Some sources say she needs a variety in her diet and others say if she’s happy with mealworms, then she’ll be fine. 

I make sure they are “gut loaded” which means they are fattened up with good nutrients prior to my offering them to Tana.

I used to house them on a bed of Eco Earth but today I’ve changed to oats. They will feed on the oats, carrots and greens prior to being fed to Tana. This way she receives all the great nutrients that the worms consume. 

Prior to offering them to her, one is dipped in powdered Calcium and the next is dipped in her powdered vitamins. This way I’m certain that she has all she needs to remain healthy.

The mealworms now come in 50g containers. I purchased 5 which are stored in our cold room in the basement. If they aren’t kept cold, they will develop into beetles. No thank you!

The only disadvantage I have found is finding the little fatties in the oats. They are almost the same color. I will have to use more light for her 1 am feedings and my glasses. That’s ok.

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