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Archive for December 21, 2016

Max and Finn

The boys Max and Finn are packed and ready to go. We have our Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Snuggle Pouches and dollies. It will be a long ride, 2 hours so my boys will ride in comfort.

We are off to pick up our new little buckling.


The Day we got Nanuk

Meet our newest member of our new little goat family.
He hasn’t really been named yet and is known as Lilbocken , the little buck.

We will watch this shy little fella and find just the right name for him.

Here you can see his beautiful elegant mother sunning herself as his father stands guard. He’s very handsome and proud. It seems the males of this breed grow a long shaggy coat, but not the ladies. This handsome fella’s coloring remained me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup; chocolate and peanut butter.

It’s nice to see who his parents are.


Theo’s First Walk with his Harness

Theo’s first adventures on his leash with his wonderful harness from



Theo’ s adventures around Gullringstorp.
He’s still an absolute charm on the leash. Not sure of his weight but he’s a BIG boy. If I did not have complete control and trust, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture. He listens and makes constant eye contact.

He’s a dream.


Music for Goats

I’ve just put all the goats and chickens to bed. I know it seems early, but it’s getting dark around 15:30.

As I prepared the boxes and tended to everyone, they were given a bit of a concert. It made everything calm and peaceful even though my boys were a bit agitated. One of our does must be heading into heat.

That’s ok. It was lovely music and it took me away from the trials of this world.


A beautiful vintage painting of Sami milking lappgetter.