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Our New Buck on a walk


Our new little buck is a real nice little fella. He’s really enjoying the attention we are giving him. He’s enjoying our special lunches together. Today he had a treat of chopped carrots. Delicious. He eats well from my hand. Sometimes he sucks one of my fingers. That just reminds us that he’s still a baby.

This was our 4th day of walking on his leash. We’ve graduated from walking and exploring the stable, we’ve gone on our 2nd walk outside in the garden. He enjoyed his walk and found lots yo nibble on.

He misses Spirea and Tuva when they are outside. It won’t be long now and he will join them in the boy’s enclosure. He’s making wonderful progress.

He needs to come when we call him when he’s out in the enclosure. We can’t chase him around every evening.



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