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Day 2


DAY 2 sitting with our new little buck

I put my breakfast in his box and left for 2 mins to check on our sitting hens. I returned to see someone licking his lips after he helped himself to my cottage cheese and peaches. Glad he didn’t help himself to my cup of hot tea!


I Got Kissed by a Goat!


I got kissed by a goat
And I liked it…

My little fella has become real comfortable with me. He seems really happy when I enter his box with my chair and breakfast.

He’s making great eye contact now. What beautiful big brown eyes that look right at me.

He started to sniff my face,,then my hair. He came real close and as I sat there looking into those eyes, I though, oh dear if he got mad or scared, he could do some damage. I was lost in his beautiful eyes.

He pulled back and really looked at his new mommy. Then he came in for the kiss.
He licked my face !

I got kissed by a goat
And I liked it…


Our New Buck’s Harness

We got great harnesses for our new goats. Our little buck is accustomed to wearing one so there was no problem putting it on. I use for our walks. It gently pulls the head and not the neck.


Lunch With my Little Fella.

A name is coming soon as he shows his true personality. He is still not ready to go out to the enclosure so we bring the outside in to him.


Socializing our New Buck


I spent a lot of time with this little buck. he came to us so afraid of touch and it has taken a lot of quality time to get him where he is today. I sat and had my breakfast with him everyday so he became accustomed to me.

Our little fella has graduated to his own hay rack now. No need for socializing him. He’s very comfortable with us both now and we can sit with him, feed him by hand if we want or just hang out with him.

I’m so proud of him. He had come a very long way from the scared little fella we picked up. He was so scared in his box and didn’t want anyone at his past home to touch him.

He’s a different little boy now!

I’m so happy for him.😊❤️


Our New Buck on a walk


Our new little buck is a real nice little fella. He’s really enjoying the attention we are giving him. He’s enjoying our special lunches together. Today he had a treat of chopped carrots. Delicious. He eats well from my hand. Sometimes he sucks one of my fingers. That just reminds us that he’s still a baby.

This was our 4th day of walking on his leash. We’ve graduated from walking and exploring the stable, we’ve gone on our 2nd walk outside in the garden. He enjoyed his walk and found lots yo nibble on.

He misses Spirea and Tuva when they are outside. It won’t be long now and he will join them in the boy’s enclosure. He’s making wonderful progress.

He needs to come when we call him when he’s out in the enclosure. We can’t chase him around every evening.



First Day in the Enclosure

After some additions added to the electric fencing in the bucks enclosure, our little buck was introduced to his new area. He had been there several times and allowed to graze there, on leash.

Now he was back to really be able to enjoy his first day out.

He was delighted! He ran and leaped and did pirouettes in the air. His movements were to swift for me to capture on film.

On this beautiful cool autumn day, our little buck is enjoying being outdoors!❤️



Our new little buck , Nanuk has found a fun climbing structure. He, like all goats, loves to climb and be up high.nanuk1nanuk-4nanuk-5nanuk-6nanuk-3nanuk2


Our harnesses for our first 3 goats arrived today!!😊❤️🐐