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Theo’s Arrival at Gullringstorp!

Good evening from Gullringstorp!

When we saw our new buck and understood his upkeep situation, our plans for him changed on our way back to Gullringstorp .
He was lacking the people attention he needed. Not bad owners at all but with the birth of a new baby, this fella just wasn’t getting the personal attention he needed.

Seemed as if he would require the same quality time as Nanuk. It also became clear that he was not quite ready to go directly in with Nanuk. We needed to establish position with him first. So we decided to prepare another box for him. He will only be there a short time and then join Nanuk.

Well much to my surprise, this fella was ready to get to know us. There was not the fear I had expected at all.
I put my chair in and sat with him for awhile. He not only allowed me to stroke him, but he snuggles my stable fleece jacket and laid his head in my lap. He crawled under my chair to take a nap.

He will not be on his own for long. As soon as his harness arrives, he will begin his lead training. This us very important because even though he’s the same age as Nanuk, 8 mos, he’s much larger and more powerful. I need to gain control from the beginning.

He looks like Nanuk, you may say. Ask any goat owner and they can tell you differences, you might not see. Theo has a very different face and look in his eyes.

Meet Theo. Pronounced ” Tay- o” in Swedish.


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