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Our New Lappgetter does, Tova and Tindra

Good afternoon from Gullringstorp!

Our two shy new girls are settled in their box. They are sisters that were born April and May of this year. They share the same father who is NOT Theo.

They will require quite a bit of quality time to get them friendly. I have faith they will become as friendly as Tuva and Spirea are

I know they look alike , but there are differences.

Our new girls, Tova and Tindra are slowly beginning to feel comfortable and at home. They actually ate hay from Leif’s hand this morning.

I’m so glad we were able to purchase both sisters. I’m glad they have each other. They are coming to the box door now for pats. It may not take as long as I thought to socialize them.

Meet Tova and Tindra


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