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Jul Marknad at Löfstad Slott (Palace) Dec. 5-6 2015

We just had a great time at Löfstad Slott (Castle) Jul Marknad. Christmas Market. It was our 3rd year and we shared a sweet cozy room with Kristina, owner of Hejtorp Dairy and makes and sells delicious goat cheese.

It was only a profitable weekend, but it was great to see customers from previous years and to introduce Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap to new people.

We have been experiencing a category 2 storm with extremely high winds. When we arrived at the castle to set up on Friday afternoon, we had no electrical power. With the day’s getting dark at 3pm we had no sunlight to light the rooms. It was pitch dark inside. We had a tiny flashlight from the car which helped. We shouldn’t complain because there were 9,000 homes with no power.

Li’l Sis Eco-Friendly Goat Milk Soap had a wonderful weekend at Löfstad Slott. I enjoyed all the vendors and I even was able to enjoy the beautiful historic rooms on display, upstairs.




Li’l Sis Eco -Friendly Goat Milk soap shared a cozy room with Kristina of Hejtorp Gårdsmejeri. She makes the most delicious goat cheese. IMG_4742IMG_4751IMG_4748IMG_4745IMG_4747IMG_4746IMG_4756IMG_4749

Candle dipping using equipment from the 1700’sIMG_4760IMG_4759IMG_4757



There was only one other soap vendor and actually they were a meat vendor. they were selling ostrich steaks. They were also selling soap made with the oil removed from the stomach of the ostriches.IMG_4755IMG_4761IMG_4762IMG_4763


Beautiful rooms still in their historic furnishings, upstairs in the palace.IMG_4764IMG_4766IMG_4767IMG_4769IMG_4770IMG_4771IMG_4772IMG_4773IMG_4774IMG_4775IMG_4776IMG_4777IMG_4778

This gentleman is explaining a gentleman’s room game of the 1800’sIMG_4779



Inside the massive kitchen. What a beautiful spacious room with lots of interesting spaces. I wouldn’t mind a kitchen like this.


Although we had no snow, we were experiencing a storm with tremendous cold winds. There were just a couple brave souls set up outside.IMG_0024


Looks like an vintage sewing machineIMG_0028IMG_0032

It was so strange to be there in December with NO snow!

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