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The Lonely Soldier Monologues at the Cockpit Theater London UK

This is a play about female soldiers and their experience in military service. It is a most powerful and important play. There are experiences revealing not only about the injustices that female soldiers endured, but also the little known existence of PTSD. Oh yes, PTSD is well documented in male soldiers but rarely in female soldiers.

The play with all of its truth was delivered by 7 actors. They told seven different stories. They are stories you are not likely to read or hear. 

This very important and powerful play was written by Helen Benedict, compiled from over 40 personal interviews. The stories shared on the Cockpit stage are not fiction.  They are unfortunately all true experiences.

I was not able to attend in person, but I and many around the globe have been able to experience this play in the privacy of our homes. I’m so pleased that there was Live Streaming offered with last evening being the last. The play will continue until May 31. 

It is a play that will shake you to your core. You will not be the same after viewing this powerful play.



A review of a global viewer of the Live Stream last night:

” I just had to respond again. I watched last night again. Be that as it may, I   still couldn’t turn it off, even after thinking: I’ll watch for a bit and then just do something else (because I’d already seen it.) But it’s NOT something you see once and that’s that! There are new nuances and impressions! 

Even viewing on Live a Stream, I could sense (hear) audience engagement.  It was a give and take between artist and audience: a back and forth – creating such electricity.

There were so many big picture phenomena that were portrayed (structural prejudice, gross unpreparedness, leadership failure) as well as the intimate, debilitating and dehumanizing details expressed (no recourse, broken dreams, desperate alone-ness). Powerful isn’t even a strong enough word. 

I know they could have used much more graphic images (though some of the mortar scenes were quite profound) to convey the harassment, assault, and racism, yet what was left unsaid was almost as gripping. 

If I had been within reasonable commuting distance, I would have been there in person.

I’m so grateful for the writer and actresses of this production for their valuable work.  Rachel Handshaw was ON FIRE!! They all did so well, so very well.”

Live Stream Viewer

Julia Penner-Zook

One response

  1. So worth the time spent! Kudos to these remarkable performers carrying a jarring, but necessary message.

    May 28, 2015 at 21:07

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