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Sami National Day in Sweden February 6, 2015

Today is a very important day for Sweden’s indigenous people the Sami. These are the people once known as Lapps. They live in the Arctic area of what they call Sámpi. This area is the far north of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Sami are the only indigenous people of Scandinavia.

They are a most fascinating people who I have had the great pleasure to have spent time with at the Jokkmokk  40th Jubilee Marknad in the north of Sweden. This was in 2005 and an experience I will cherish my entire life. I have Native American Blackfoot blood running in my veins, so I feel a natural kinship with the Sami. Below you will find photos from that visit.

One of the most memorable moments was a dinner we attended. We were served bear meat and as tradition, you must first pull the meat through a brass ring to capture the spirit and strength of the bear. Many at the dinner refused, but my husband and I did. I still have my brass ring to continue to give me strength.

Welcome to visit either of these two links to learn more about the Sami if Sweden.

We were getting closer

We were getting closer

The Sami flag

The Sami flag

We enjoyed the Marknad and met may people. Then we were invited to a dance in the evening . Oh it was absolutely wonderful! I asked of course before taking photos of the beautiful costumes that everyone was wearing. They were magnificent and I hope my photos capture that.

I have a very special memento from the marknad (market). A very old lady made a pair of traditional wraps for my fur boots. She helped me to lace them on and they have remained on my boots till this day, since 2005.

Beautiful knives and tin are  just some of the cradts that Sami are famous for

Beautiful knives and tin and basket weaving are just some of the crafts that Sami are famous for

Raindeer are very important to the Sami

Reindeer are very important to the Sami












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