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Preparing for Winter at Gullringstorp!

Lots of preparations here at Gullringstorp. Many things need to be done before the snows come again .

Our tractor which is so important during winter time, must be carefully cared for. This machine will move and clear vast amounts of snow making it possible for us to drive in and our of Gullringstorp.
Once the snow had been shoveled, it has to be moved to make room for more. The tractor easily moves mountains of snow into an area not used during winter, the goat enclosure.
If and when we have a nice clear day during winter, the goats can go our and they have mountains of snow to climb on.








2 responses

  1. Oh! I would love to see pictures of the goats climbing the snow piles! They must enjoy it so much!

    January 18, 2015 at 01:21

    • Hej!

      Actually my goats which even born in Sweden, are not a Swedish breed, don’t like the snow. They don’t like rain or wind. My little West African miniature goats are my hot house flowers. 🙂

      January 18, 2015 at 14:22

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