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Good Morning from Gullringstorp !

Boris was ready for another adventure around the house yesterday. He is a fearless climber. Little Lady only got up on a couch,but that was all. Boris wants up on EVERYTHING ! Even cats! Poor Pumpkin had her nap interrupted.
I could continue my daily routine and just listen to know where Little Lady was. She rarely needed supervision while out of her enclosure. Not so with Boris. In a blink of an eye, he’s up somewhere he doesn’t need to be. I have decided he can not be out unsupervised and only has a limited time to roam.
One very good thing is, when I need to remove him from an inappropriate place for an iguana, I can remove him to safer ground with no fuss. He is a good boy, just very curious.
After he was returned to his enclosure,he got some company, Pip. They have become pals.











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