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Boris still hasn’t begun to eat properly which is normal when an iguana is relocated. A warm bath for at least half an hour can help stimulate appetite.

I had just returned from the stable and visiting my goats outside. Still in my winter stable gear, I thought this is a fine time to handle my new large make iguana. I figured if he tried to bite or whip his tail I would be safe. I put in leather gloves because have hundreds of sharp teeth and can give a pretty nasty bite. Boris was in the floor of his enclosure which made it easy to pick him up. He did not like the gloves at all so off they went.
I instinctively picked him up while talking to him and pulled him toward me as we walked through two rooms and upstairs to the bathroom.
Not a wiggle or tail whip, just a calm iguana that I slipped gently into a warm bath.





After Boris enjoyed his bath, he was wrapped up in a warm towel and taken for a bit of a stroll around the upstairs. He finally was returned to his nice warm home.




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  1. Those photos are brilliant! I love the one with the towel.

    October 3, 2014 at 00:17

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