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Good Afternoon from Gullringstorp

We had a really rainy night and early morning. After we waited for the sun to come out and dry up the enclosure, we decided the goats should be out.

Iris and her little family are quite naughty and never run directly into the enclosure with all the rest. No, they run in 3 different directions. Leif’s solution is to bring them out last on leashes. Blossom is the best on a leash. She’s the tiny grey goat.
Once they were all settled, time to check in Tweety and Sylvester. Although we have lots of plastic sheeting to protect from wind and rain, their little home was very wet. Time for a complete clean up. Fresh straw on the bottom, hay on the cleanse shelves and a larger little hide away home. As I cleaned, I had several visitors. Once complete, Eugene my large Brahma rooster thought it was all done for him.
Once I got him out, Sylvester was very curious about his new home. Tweety soon followed and they were both so pleased, I just closed the door and let them explore and make it home.













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