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Johanna Marknad


We had a wonderful day at Johanna Marknad yesterday ! We met so many nice people from Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Germany.

My new soaps were a hit: Rose Petals, Baby Goat and Pet Soap.
Several expectant mothers bought my new Baby a Goat soap made with gentle Chamomile Essential Oil and Calendula infused oil with petals added. A very mild and gentle baby soap.

My biggest thrill if the day was to have a group of teenage young ladies who were so impressed by my Eco-Friendly message in my product ! Yeah for the new generation who will care for our Environment!

I also met a local politician who was impressed with my company story and product. I’ve been asked to be a motivational speaker for the Swedish youth in yet another community .

I visited a vendor close by our table who sold the most delicious jams. Of course I needed to taste all on offer. Just out of this world! Wow! I bought 3 of the 4 varieties offered. The one I passed on was predominately Rhubarb which is not a favorite of mine. Check them out!

It was a very hot day that kept the huge crowds away but that didn’t dampen any spirits!

Thank you to all my new customers!





photo 1

photo 2













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