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Calling All Cats and Dogs, and Their Owners !!!


Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap has added  3 new soaps to our collection: Baby Goat Soap, Rose Petals  Soap and our own Pet Soap.

Li’l Sis Pet Soap is full of wonderful and Eco-Friendly ingredients. My products have NO chemicals and NO artificial ingredients. There is NEVER any Animal Testing.

My 100 % Natural soap bar has ingredients that will not only moisturize your pets skin and fur, but condition it as well. Goat milk by itself is very nutritious to skin providing all the qualities of the 50+ vitamins and minerals that it contains.

After much research and reading , I have decided on a recipe that will serve many purposes for your pet. Not only will your pet have a clean , soft and shiny coat, but those pesky ticks and fleas will no longer be a problem. An added plus, your pet will smell wonderful.           I only use Natural Essential Oils in all my soaps, including my Pet Soap.

Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap uses only vet approved Essential Oils in my Pet Soap :

Lavender Essential Oil to calm and relax your pet and to help make  bath time more enjoyable.

Peppermint & Clove Essential Oils to help combat fleas and ticks.

Our dog Max loves his bath time with Li’l Sis Pet Goat Milk Soap.










Max not only enjoyed his bath but his fur was soft, shiny and he smelled wonderful!

I always clean his eyes, ears and little nose after his bath with a soft cotton ball.



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