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Good Morning From Gullringstorp !

It’s a beautiful day and everyone is enjoying it.

I’ve been recovering from a sinusitis attack and have had enough bed rest.
I’m feeling much better so I did the goat boxes this morning. I know, I know! I took my time and now I rest.

It was important to see my goats and chickens. It was really important for me to spend time with my new baby chicks. They are growing so much everyday. Today would be the day I start holding my little ones so they become used to being picked up by the time they are mature.

Oh they have names by the way. One kept coming to me and making the cutest tiny sounds so she became Tweety. Well naturally the second had to be Sylvester even though he’s not a cat.

It was so nice holding her. She felt nice and smelled nice as I snuggled her. She was quite comfortable in my arms. So a couple of times a day and they will be very used to touch and being picked up. That’s my goal.















2 responses

  1. Nice to see and read from you again! 🙂 Get well soon.
    Ha en god pinse! 🙂
    Kram og klem, Dina

    June 6, 2014 at 14:08

  2. Hej from Sweden!!

    Awww!! Thank you. So sweet of you !

    June 6, 2014 at 18:44

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