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A Day With Alpacas!

We were fortunate enough to recently have an Alpaca Show and Sale Exhibit in our little country town. Of course we jumped at the opportunity to view these lovely creatures up close and learn all about them. Owners came from all over Sweden to show and sell their prized alpacas.

We  met several wonderful people there but one in particular was so very knowledgable and helpful. We met the owners of Royal Alpacas from Falkenberg Sweden. they had beautiful alpacas , several of which won prizes on the day we visited the show.

I have always wanted alpacas, so this was the ideal time and place to get first hand information from actual owners. I learned that like goats, alpacas are herd animals, so when purchasing, always start with 3.  If you get 2 and one becomes sick and dies, it is certain that the second will die of loneliness. All breeders know this so they will not sell unless this minimum amount is met. Just like goats , always buy 2-3 to start and allow your herd to grow from there.

Alpacas are known around the world for their most beautiful light weight and fin fleece. This fleece is far superior to cashmere. They are usually shorn once a year in spring.

They are related to Llamas of which belong to the South American species called Camelids. they are much smaller than llamas and a much kinder gentler animal.

Alpacas make wonderful pets and can be kept with other farm animals and livestock such as goats. Music to my ears! Like any animal, the more you handle from the time they are babies, the better pet you will have. There are special harnesses that fit on the heads so that a lead can be attached and with patience, they are easily lead on a leash.

Llamas and camels are known to spit and often. Alpacas can of course spit, but it’s very rare.

Like goats, alpacas are ruminants and chew their food over again. Their diet consists of good grade hay and grasses. it is also advised to offer a mineral supplement along with fresh clean water.

Baby alpacas are called cria. There are two different types of alpacas, Huacaya those are the fluffy ones and Suri which have a longer coat.

I took photos of everything; alpacas waiting in their pens, alpacas eating, alpacas resting and alpacas being judged.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 6

photo 8

photo 11

photo 13

photo 14

photo 17

photo 50

photo 18

photo 33

photo 35

photo 34

photo 47

photo 31


photo 23

photo 22

Do alpacas make any kind of sound? I should say so and if you are fortunate enough to hear it, they will be in your heart forever:


Now to the judging ring:

photo 44

photo 40

photo 41

Some alpacas are not comfortable in the ring

Some alpacas are not comfortable in the ring

photo 38

Products from alpaca fleece:

photo 27

photo 28

photo 30

photo 32

It was a wonderful afternoon spent viewing and learning more about these most lovely animals.  When I spoke with the owner of Royal Alpacas, it was his utter delight and love of his alpacas that I wanted and needed to see. His unabashed delight in his babies was just so heart warming. I know the feeling; I have it about my four legged family here at Gullringstorp.

This, of course has solidified my wishes to own and love some lovely alpacas.

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