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Good Evening from Gullringstorp !

Another cold day here at Gullringstorp. Our boys were out and they enjoyed their time out. Boy, did they need it.

All our goats will all be getting their dinner real soon and tucked in for the night.

I had a really moving moment in our stable today. When the girls are in, I make the time to spend time with each goat and give kisses and hugs. It’s also a time to feel each goat’s body and make sure each one is feeling well with no aches or uncomfortable places in the body.

While sitting with Pansy who holds a special place in my heart as does Keriana, I became overcome with emotion. You see, Keriana is Frida’s first baby born here 4 years ago and Pansy and her sister Poppy are her second set of twins born with us. We lost my first goat Frida and one of her daughters Poppy, to pneumonia. Poppy left a little buckling who has been adopted by Pansy. Little Huckleberry is just so cute and impish.

As I snuggled into his fluffy baby fur, I told him his grandmother Frida would have just loved him. I told him she would have kissed him everyday and made sure he was happy and safe.

Well, as I held him, felt his fur and smelled him, I just started crying. I couldn’t stop thinking of how I missed Frida and Huckleberry’s mother Poppy. Pansy’s daughter, Lilly tried to lick my tears away, wondering why I was making such unfamiliar sounds.

I miss our beautiful Frida every single day. I want never to forget her and her beautiful face .
Huckleberry really is her grandson and Pansy and Keriana are definitely her daughters.

Huckleberry explores the boy’s box and just like her mother Frida, Pansy keeps a close eye on him.

Huckleberry in the boy's box

Huckleberry visiting and exploring the boy’s box

Pansy keeping eye on Huckleberry

Pansy keeping eye on Huckleberry

Our cute Huckleberry in the enclosure

Our cute Huckleberry in the enclosure

Please check back for more updates from Gullringstorp.

2 responses

  1. ruthrawls

    I love your devotion to your babies. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    November 26, 2013 at 01:23

    • Hej from Sweden!
      Its easy when you love animals as I do. They are so lovable and fun. All I want for them is the very best I can provide for them.

      November 27, 2013 at 11:42

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