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Happy Chickens and Roosters at Gullringstorp

Oh how our chickens and roosters are so happy that winter is over. They are enjoying being out of the hen house . Not only do they have their own yard to enjoy, but they also have recently been enjoying the back play yard with Pumpkin and her daughters. They are eating their grain, and whatever goodies I place on the “table”.  Eugene is our beautiful Brahma rooster, Bojangles is our Black Netherlands Whitehead rooster. Then there is our fluffy buff Orpington rooster with no name because we thought he was a hen for so long.They are so much fun to watch.









Bojangels and his ladies


A curious hen

A curious Brahma hen peaks in the stable

Wonder what she's up to?

Wonder what she’s up to?

She found a comfy private place to lay an egg.

She found a comfy private place in the box to lay  her egg.


As you can see, Gullringstorp chickens and roosters enjoy the Spring/Summer and I enjoy watching them.








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  1. How cute

    June 3, 2013 at 17:57

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