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Updates From the Nursery at Gullringstorp Part 3

Hej from London !

We enjoyed a bit of euphoria with the birth of our newest babies, here at Gullringstorp.

The biggest hurdles have thankfully come and gone. Iris who is a first time Fresher, had a trouble free delivery. Our two new babies were born without difficulty, stood right away and from the sound I heard, had healthy lungs. Most importantly, they located the milk quickly and Iris shows no difficulties nursing her twins.

All of this allowed us both to sigh a huge sigh of relief and this makes us both happy.

Iris’ roommates, Petunia, Ivy and little Surprise have been kind and given Iris her privacy with her babies. Well that didn’t last long. Iris decided that our youngest, Surprise was now a threat to her babies so a bit if bullying has developed. This is not good for the overall mood in the box where several tiny goats call home and defiantly not good for our sweet little Surprise. What to do?

A barrier to allow Iris to feel secure and unthreatened. She needs to feel calm with her babies and I don’t want feeding issues to develop.

We have had to utilize a barrier a while back to help Hilda bond with her sons on her second delivery here at Gullringstorp. It was a challenge to do a barrier in Iris’ box, but Leif managed.

Here is today’s update via e-mail:

Honey, I fenced off a corner for Iris and the kids this morning. I put up another waterbowl for her only and moved a graincontainer to the other side of the box. See pictures. It seems to work so far. Today is a cold day and it started to drizzle, so it is an indoor day.

Talk later




The new section may look small but it is temporary and when the babies are a bit bigger the fence will come down.

This is a way to insure harmony in this box full of touchy females.

Thank you for the update and photos Leif.

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  1. Cute little babies… So sweet 🙂 Hope you are back to normal health wise… you had a time of it. Hope you get some sun soon 🙂

    April 23, 2013 at 00:14

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